Whining About What The Bios Doesnt Do ?


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Jan 29, 2004
SE Pennsylvania, USA
the live config loading screen is the bios taking a few seconds to allow drives to initialize, then read/parse/put into effect the config settings in x2config.ini. If I'm incorrect on this, I'm sure Xecuter will clarify and make me look silly again. :D NO, you can't make it go away. This has been posted in one of the stickies I believe, if not in the readme file. It is probably already mentioned in this thread. Team Xecuter does have plans to spruce this up I believe, right now the text is more of a place holder letting you know just what is going on. Give it some time and I'm sure we'll either see this changed to something cooler, or the ability to change it ourselves. I wouldn't hold my breath on the latter tho, at least not until more details come out from the team.



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Nov 12, 2003
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I'm guessing you wont be able to change it yourself (like the x2logo.bmp) because the whole reason it's there is it's initialising the HD/DVD/Memory etc. The image/text will need to be compiled within the bios file.
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May 24, 2005
I have a question, can they make it so the X2CL only loads the config if a button is held down on the joystick?


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Jun 16, 2004
Big_Whoopin said:
NO, you can't make it go away. This has been posted in one of the stickies I believe, if not in the readme file.
Don't be silly... of course, Xecuter can remove the loading text. It's butt-ugly and doesn't really serve much of a purpose. As for the wait time... well, that's fine.


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Jul 31, 2005
pugsx said:
I'm thankful, I'm using it on my sp:ice, its great to be able to make cool changes and that quickly :)
Here here! I'd have bought the chip from the other team but I wanted to play now and wasn't willing to wait for the no-solder kit for my 1.6. Flames about no-solder will be ignored.

I wish that there was an inbuilt "X select" style menu to choose initial launching dash on the fly -- to avoid problems as mentioned in the hacking GTA:SA thread. Evox launching unleash is not the same as defaulting to unleash apparently.


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Dec 11, 2004
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I'm more amazed Team-X support the 2.6 at all. I guess if there's nothing wrong with it other than it doesn't support all the advanced features of the x3 then why scrap perfectly good technology? It's also a cheaper option for those on a budget, so I understand that.

However that being said, for those paying less money and expecting all the same features of the x3 it blows me away when they complain about certain features missing when they aren't willing to spend a little extra to support the hard work Team-X put into their products.


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Aug 18, 2004
a while back i has some small complaints about the bios... but after i been using it a while now (like 1year+) i have grown to like it now ;) ... cause i used to complain about the extra boot up time, but i think it's worth it now cause of the boot order etc which can be configured from the x2config.ini file which makes everything all around easier to setup.

bottom line is the X2.5032+ bios's are nice.
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