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Jul 22, 2010
Liteon DG-16S2S drives?

People always advise flashing to stock on all drives except slim drives, why not make an exception for this drive as well?

Microsoft can't dump the firmware of the drive to see if it's CFW unless it can get the drive in vendor mode, and this drive has a built in hardware check that unless the drive firmware is blank, it will refuse to go into vendor mode.

This is why we were previously required to perform the MRA hack which was eventually replaced with the Pogo Mo Thoin hack(Key only, not firmware dump).
Both these methods require hardware modification, which M$ can't do over an Xbox Live Update.

So can someone explain why you should flash this drive to stock since it has this hardware vendor lock and the only two things that can be requested over software if not in vendor mode is the Vendor mode request(Which will be granted only if the MT flash is blank) and the erase flash command (Which will erase the flash anyway leaving nothing to dump)?

I'm willing to bet that when M$ updated the firmware last year to 02510C they had to send the erase command to the drive and then build the new firmware using the keyvault (For inserting the drive key into the new firmware.) and then flash the blank MT chip.

This was originally M$'s protection to stop the modding community, now being used against them in this case.


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Oct 26, 2010
Ulster :-D
your drive your xbox you flash it your way...but the GUIDES and the TEAM XECUTER HELP that is offered is for the pople who want to do it the right if you dont like it this way then choose your own method..simples


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Dec 20, 2004
Interesting theory, never thought about that.
I don't know enough about the FW's inner workings though, maybe 0251C allows them a way to read it that we simply don't know about.
I'll keep flashing to stock because that's what the experts recommend, but it's fun to think about.
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