Why Has Project Management Become Leading Career Choice?


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Mar 25, 2005
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Opt for PMI PMP Badge with Practice Tests

With over 2.2 million job opportunities for project managers expected to come up soon, project management is rising the charts as the top career choice. The multinational corporations and local corporate houses are ready to pay competitive salaries to skilled project managers, making this path lucrative and promising with opportunities of growth to executive levels if one continues to work hard.Here is an overview of the duties that project managers take up in an organization and what makes this position an ideal career choice.

Responsibilities of Project Managers

Eliana B says, Project managers are expected to work hard to achieve organizational goals by ensuring an executable plan for a project they have been assigned. Planning is obviously followed by execution, direction, and control so that the final results are beyond satisfactory to receive repeat business from the client.For fulfilling the duties mentioned above, a project manager must:
  • Assemble a team with the required set of skills;
  • Determine the resources, including budgeting, for the project;
  • Keep a constant track of project progress through reports;
  • Ensure that all activities fall within the set time frame;
  • Correct deviations from timelines, if any;
  • Report the progress to stakeholders to keep them in the loop until project completion.
Besides, project managers are also responsible for keeping the employees motivated and ensuring a positive organizational culture.

Scope of Project Management

Diego C says, As discussed earlier, over 2.2 million new job opportunities are waiting for project managers by 2027, which guarantees employment to most individuals pursuing this field. Several industries, including tech, oil, and gas, finance, insurance, utilities, manufacturing, business services, etc. will offer these opportunities to skilled individuals.By becoming a project manager, your skills and expertise will help you advance in the organization towards executive positions such as becoming the CEO. As for the salaries, even the entry-level project managers earn over $56k per annum as Payscale.com claims, which is exceptional for such a basic level.

Enhancing Your Knowledge with PMP Certification

Vivian D says, If you are aproject manager with 3-5 years of work experience who wants to accelerate your career, then you are recommended to opt for the PMP certification. This badgeis a recognition that an individual receives from the Project Management Institute, a non-profit professional organization based in the United States.Roman G The PMP credential is accepted by governmental, private, and multinational organizations globally andproves that a Project Management Professional possesses all the skills required to complete even the most difficult project successfully. Possessing this accreditation not only gives you a competitive edge over your colleagues and puts you ahead in the line for promotions but also immensely increases your salary, which is $106,234 yearly, again, according to the data available on Payscale.com.

Ace Your PMP Exam with Practice Tests

Alex E says, To nail the PMP assessment, one has to utilize effective prep materials only. You can follow the vendor’s certification training or use their official study guide but do not forget to turn to practice tests available on the internet to familiarize yourself with the PMP exam pattern& structure for clearing this assessment in the first attempt.

Final Words

Cora F says, Project management is an emerging field with a multitude of opportunities lined up. And if you want to grow your career, then opt for the PMI PMP badge that can be easily obtained if you use practice tests for your PMP exam prep. Having such a prestigious credential reflects that you are more serious about your job, increasing your chances of getting employed in a renowned company, and getting a higher income.