[WORLDWIDE] Team Xecuter SX Core & Lite install Service


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Nov 30, 2018
* Nintendo Switch internal Modchip Install - Hardmod Service - Trinket M0 - SX Core - SX Lite (WORLDWIDE)
* Nintendo Switch - All models can be serviced now
* Switch V1 - All
* Switch V2 - All
* Switch Lite - All

* Local options available in San Diego California
* Serviced many from GBATEMP and other Forums
* Switch gets free cleaning
* Switch gets High Quality Thermal Paste Applied
* Free nand backup to your Micro SD Card 64GB+
* Save data will not be lost
* Form of payment is paypal (Friends and Family or you can pay extra for fees) or cash
* For anything outside of the U.S.A buyer will have to pay shipping

* Dual boot: (Setup on all non - Banned Switches)
1 side to original firmware where you can play online
1 side to CFW hombrew

* TX SX Core & Lite installs:
* XAW Serial #'s passed whats shown below require TX SX Core
* XKW serial #'s Require TX SX Core
* Switch Lite Requires TX SX Lite
* $50 - Includes shipping back to you (USA) - You Provide SX Core or Lite Chip
* $110 - Includes shipping back to you (USA) - I supply SX Core or Lite Chip

* Trinket M0 installs: V1 Un-Patched Only (Can still load your TX SX OS Payload) (This eliminates Dongle + Jig)
* $60 Includes shipping back to you - (USA)
* Modchip of choice is Trinket M0 with 6 wire install method
* Please check Switch serial #
* XAW10000000000 - XAW10081700000 are safe and unpatched - If passed this you need SX Core
* XAW40000000000 - XAW40012950000 are safe and unpatched - If passed this you need SX Core
* XAW70000000000 - XAW70013290000 are safe and unpatched - If passed this you need SX Core

* Needed From You:
Switch tablet only (Please don't send Joycons and please don't send Switch case or shipping will go up)
Micro sd card if you want it setup
Please include forum and forum name in box to make prcoess faster and smoother

* Fast turn around times - Switch gets shipped out next day with tracking #
* Switch Tablet fits in $8.x USPS Small Flat Rate Box (Ad bubble wrap for protection)
* Insurance both ways is highly advised

* Tidbits + Repairs
Yes I can install custom Joy Con Shells
Yes I can install custom backplates - Lite included
Yes I can fix drifting analogue stick(s) (I can supply part if needed)
Yes I can replace with new USB-C charge port
Yes I can replace SD card reader
Yes I can replace game cartridge reader
Not doing Screen replacements sorry

Trinket M0 Installs:

TX SX Core V2 install:

TX SX Core V1 install:

Also offering RGH Installs: $50 + Shipping:

Could I have contact info?
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