x360usb pro will not partition hdd


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Jul 9, 2011
Ok, i have read through all the guides and forum posts and cannot come up with the answer to this. I will list the exact steps i took since i received the x360usb pro 2 days ago

1. installed usbpro with the downloaded drivers. shows up in device manager fine.

2. moved switch to left and upgraded firmware to newest version then moved switch to right again.

3. opened the hacker tool and picked flash drive. It recognized the drive just fine and the flash went through ok.

4. went to the next part where you add the partition and thats when the problem starts. It shows my drive (the flashed drive shows, not the old wd firmware. At this point normally you would just pick partition drives, but all the buttons that i would normally push are greyed out, it will not let me choose any of the partition options.
p.s. i did go into drive manager and made sure it was setup correctly there, and in device manager it is showing the drive not as the wd but as the new drive.

Can someone please please help me, i spent over 100 on the full x360usb pro kit and bought 2 drives, a 120gb and 250 gb. I have tried with both, using the correct hddss.bin files, and both times everything works fine until it comes to partitioning. And yes, i am running the program as full admin.

I'm running win7 64 bit if that helps.

Any help would be GREATLY appreciated.

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