x3_3294.bios decompiling and disection


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x3_3294.bios dissasembly and disection

It is a long shot but i'm after the markers for the x3_3294 bios possibly an IDA database old pointers strings functions and info lables and data base stuff of the disected kernel as it will save me work in dissasebling things and working out functions in the kernel?

I'm looking at doing a few custom tweaks the the x3 bios.

I would like to patch in code to on the fly for xbox's with upgraded processors (friendtech and trusty boards) to avoid games running too fast and video issuies with bink videos.

I would also like to replace the dds textures to change the boot logo and flubber.

I would also like to add a delay during boot to allow ide to sata adaptors to initilise before the xbox throws a error on boot up as i have found this to be the problem with most sata to ide adaptors not functioning properly with the xbox.

If any one may be able to direct me in the correct direction that would be great.

I have managed to extract the kernel and import as a portable executable in IDA PRO i can edit boot paths and x3logo path etc but if i had a bit of discriptions here and there to locations of important stuff in the kernel it would make things easy.

how does the x3 get around the 256k image limit as i read that as the image is duplicated 4 times as a 1mb image in rom and is referenced top down and bottom up.
would this not mean that switching bios blocks from a 1.0 xbox with 4 different 256k images is a bad idea?

Cheers professor_jonny
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