X3CE Bios Reflashing


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Oct 4, 2011
This has probably already been answered, looks through the forums couldn't find my issue.

I am just trying to reflash by 1MB bios bank to either the 1959 or 3294. I have a v1.6 xbox so of course I'm using the "v16_plus" versions of the bios.

Problem I'm having is really the flashing, I'm using network flashing and have tried the 1234 bank, got nothing, so now I'm trying the 5678 bank. Everytime I flash it, the webpage stays (i remember it changing to something else before though), and my LAN light and X light (blue) keep flashing.


Now it finished but says...

Got BIOS-image over http, 1048576 bytes
Unknown flash! Halting


Got the flashing done, goes to BIOS screen, unfortunately now I have no controller, using normal S type, I know the controller works bc it works flawlessly on my PC.
Now what do I do, also it's not detecting most of my hdd (250GB), I can access ftp just fine, browsed the folders, but my old G folder is gone (where everything was at), and I can't access the hdd upgrade or anything on the bios, no controller.

Some Help please...
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