Xbox 360 Not Reading Avatar Update On Usb Rgh


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Jul 26, 2015
So i have an rgh that i just did today,and i wanna go online.So i used xebuild gui to create a 17150 image and flashed it to the nand with flash360.I then wanted to go online with xblse so i needed the avatar update,so i downloaded the update and put it on the flashdrive and disabled noupdater in dashlaunch and renamed the file to $$ystemUpdate,didn't work,and then i tried,$SystemUpdate,didn't work.I really want to go online,if someone may please help me thanks so much. (Oh and btw i am putting in the flashdrive before booting.And i am getting this message for the update:Update required,a system update is available from Xbox Live.If you decline,......etc.)


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Jan 3, 2014
Alabama U.S
Cheating can't be that important and besides xblse hasn't been supported here at all except for one little link to another site. But it is frowned on by a lot of members here so not very many of us use xblse so your kinda asking the wrong forum.