Xbox 360 phat not turning on after reflow

Matthew skead

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Aug 2, 2020
Newmarket Ontario Canada
hello, so I’m just starting to work on Xbox‘s but I’ve been working and building pcs for 6-7 years now. So today I reflowed the GPU(zephyr mb) due to sec code 0102. then I turned it on and then it said Southbridge Cold solder, so I put no clean flux on the outside of the Hanna chip and reflowed it. I put the mb back in the metal Case and pluged it it and hit the power button and..... nothing. i did look around the board and saw that two of the Front USB solder points were touching each other Aka bridged. I got out my soldering iron and fixed that but still nothing. I do have parts but it’s all xenon. i checked the power socket and it was getting power.

any help would be appreciated!
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