RGH Xbox 360 Trinity Viper won’t read/ write nand


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Jul 11, 2017
Just finished installing the viper dual NAND and when I plugged in my Nand-x I got an error when I pressed ? in J-Runner. Console read/wrote nand fine before I installed viper chip. I also get it when trying to write the NAND.
The error for ? is
Checking console
Version: 00
Wrong version
Cannot continue.

When I try to write NAND
Glitch2 selected
Nand initialization finished
Wrong version.

Can anyone help?


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Mar 11, 2011
Viper isn't a tx product, check sevensins I believe they have a few tutorials on there.

Chances are it's a poor joint or a short since it won't read or write the nand. Check your soldering and go over it with plenty of flux. Can't really say much else, though I guess you could post pictures of your soldering and have a few people look at it to see if there's any glaring problems. But then I'm not sure on the rules of posting pictures of non tx products.