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Jun 21, 2012
I have stumbled across information that the Xbox 360 can now use more than 16GB of USB storage space allowing people to store more content that doesn't fit on a hacked 320gb WD HDD.

First Sighting:
Official Confirmation:

I was thinking about setting up my old console for testing a few things out with this.

a) Does the new 32GB format allow old consoles that only support 16GB formats to see all of the 32GB information?

if so

b) As there is a different in dashboard files between the 16gb and 32gb could there be some work found between them to discover how to create larger format sized?

c) As a 1GB USB can format to an odd number like 430 "not a power of 2" could it be possible to allow the Xbox 360 to extend to as big as the storage device will handle such as a 1TB HDD not using 768GB of data but approx 940GB.

d) If so to all of the above. The original Xbox 360 memory devices used a USB interface. (This interface can be connected to a computer and viewed) Will the interface from these original memory devices be used as an interface with XTAF and/or could a similar device such as Datel max memory's old functionality be restored.

Datel used to create a product called Max Memory which allowed a person to expand the Xbox 360 memory unit with a SD Card. This was later patched late 2009 with a fix to only allow memory units to be 512mb in size thus disabling anything larger "512 or less SD cards still worked". Could an interface like this be created for a USB enabled device such as a hard drive and allow much larger storage.

Some people may ask that the current storage limits of 320gb +2x16gb (now 2x32gb) are more than enough to store all of the games on demand, installed games, arcade games and gamesaves etc. In the end, its not really about size because there is plenty of room there for most of us. Personally I believe that modding and hacking things is all about showing that is can be done and if somebody needs it or finds a use for it that's great.

I am going to fire up my Xbox Slim which has had its last update since the first metro update. I will use my other console which I use on Live all the time and work out if these different sized are comparable with all versions. I am also going to test some things soldering up connectors and ill try and obtain an original Datel Max Memory to see if the original memory card limitation have been increased as well while the USB Standard was introduced for Xbox.

For the rest of the things, like searching how the dashboards work etc. That's far far beyond me and it would be nice to see someone have a go at really finding out how all of this works.
It costs about the same for an official 320gb Xbox Hard drive as a 500GB-1TB hard drive does, doesn't make any sense to me.

Also none the less. Thanks Microsoft for upgrading from 16GB to 32GB, were still waiting for your 32GB SanDisk expensive rip off when we can buy a normal one.

Interesting food for thought.

Extra Stuff:
Datel Max Memory before M$ Update
[ame=""]Xbox 360 Expandable Memory Cards - Review of Datel XB360 MAX Memory - WORKS w/ 512 Mb - YouTube[/ame]

Datel Max Memory: After update
[ame=""]4GB Xbox 360 Memory Card - YouTube[/ame]
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Feb 22, 2012
If you have a trinity slim you can mod the internal memory to see 1tb USB HDD so the flaws are there

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Jun 21, 2012
I did some testing with the unlocks methods, the 32gb USB didn't work on a 16gb console either which was a bummer.

What I find hilarious was that they said 16GB was a hardware limitation. Total rubbish from M$.