GENERAL Xbox One power failure


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Sep 9, 2018
My name is Cyril, I'm French and I'm sorry for my language but I'm going through the translator Goggle.
I am in possession of a xbox one 1st generation and I have a power problem. that is to say when I want to start either via the joystick or by the switch on the front, the LED flashes for 2 seconds and then is clear, I hear the sound of startup, the fan of the motherboard shudders but turns off exactly the same problem as this video:
For information, I have the 5v and 12v out of my psu adaptater.
I have browsed your forum and read this topic:
Would you have the same principle but on my motherboard, 092214 X933915-001 Rev.B?
Or do you have a repair process that I can follow and you go up the different tensions.

thanks in advance
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