FIXED Xbox turning on and off repeatedly when xdrive connected.


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Mar 1, 2012
Recently bought xdrive & xfan (a week ago), fitted xfan and xdrive everything worked fine. I wanted to replaced my hdd for a larger one, so I put the dvd drive back to stock f/w using x360 usb pro 2 connected to xdrive, before formatting and updating new hdd. All okay. I then installed LT+ onto dvd drive using x360 usb pro 2 connected to xdrive. Now when connecting xdrive to the xbox the xbox turns itself off and on repeatedly?! If I disconnect the xdrive the xbox boots up fine, the xfan it still running okay. I have since reinstalled the dvd drive into the xbox and it is working fine. Anyone have any ideas?

Sorted, loose connection in xdrive!
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