xDrive Instructions & Installation


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Dec 6, 2002
Xecuter xDrive - What’s In The Box?

1. xDrive Case (DVD Not Included)
2. External Switching Module
3. DVD Chrome Bezel
4. SATA Cable Straight Connector
5. SATA Cable L Shape Connector
6. xDrive Link cable
7. Motherboard to DVD Cable
8. xDrive DVD power cable
9. xDrive SATA cable
10. SATA Exchange Unit Cable
11. SATA Exchange Unit
12. Power Transformation Adaptor (PTA)
13. Rubber pads
14. T10 screws
15. Xbox Case Unlock Tool
16. T10 Screwdriver

Xecuter xDrive Installation Instructions
(1) Disassemble the XBOX 360
For instructions goto www.team-xecuter.com/360unlock/

(2) Remove the DVD drive

(3) Remove SATA and Power cable

(4) First install the SATA Exchange Unit to the metal case of the Xbox. You will notice that each connector is color coordinated to make installation as simple as possible. Peel the off the paper to expose the sticky foam insulated pad and attach to the metal case.

(5) Plug the Straight SATA cable to the top connecter of the SATA exchange unit and L shape SATA cable to the motherboard.

(6) Take the SATA Exchange Unit Cable and feed the cables through the case.

(7) Take the Motherboard to DVD Cable and plug the white connector to motherboard

(8) Connect the L shape SATA cable straight end to the bottom port of the SATA Exchange Unit.

(9) Connect the cables to the SATA Exchange Unit, Everything is color coordinated so it’s really simple.

(10) There are 3 cables with blue, white & green 2 pin adapters. Feed those through the metal XBOX 360 case

(11) Plug the green adapter from the Motherboard to DVD Cable into the back of the DVD drive. Make sure it is plugged in the correct way around.

(12) Connect the straight SATA Cable to the back of the DVD.

(13) Place the DVD drive back into the case and route the cables so they fit neatly around the DVD, everything will fit comfortably if you do it correctly.

(14) Connect the green, blue and white 2 pin cables and also the white block connector to the External Switching Module. Make sure all connectors are plugged in the correct way around.

(15) Assemble XBOX 360 Case.

(16) Carefully connect the External Switching Module to the XBOX 360, you should not have to use any force and you should hear the clips “click” when connected correctly. Now reconnect the XBOX 360 front face plate and then you can connect your hard drive if you have one.

xDrive DVD Installation

(1) Open the xDrive

(2) Place an XBOX 360 DVD drive into the bottom part of the xDrive case, there are 4 pillars for alignment. Connect the SATA cable and power cable to the back of the DVD, Make sure the power cable is plugged in the correct way around; you will see the green color wires on top.

(3) Install the DVD Chrome Bezel

(4) Assemble Top Case and screw 2 screws with the T10 screwdriver

(5) Stick 4 Rubber pads.

(6) The Xecuter xDrive install is finished

(7) Connect the Power Transformation Adaptor (PTA)

(8) Plug the XBOX 360 power cable into the PTA

(9) Plug DC power cable to the back of xDrive

(10) Install the Link Cable to the back of xDrive, and the other end to External Switching Module; make sure you the cable pushes down completely.

How to Operate?

(1) The XBOX 360 must be powered OFF when switching. Push the switch of the External Switching Module to select between the internal XBOX 360 DVD and the xDrive DVD.

Push in: Internal DVD

Push out: xDrive DVD

(2) Power on XBOX 360 and press the XBOX 360 eject button to open the DVD tray.

(3) The xDrive LED will light on when the xDrive is selected as the boot drive.


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Mar 5, 2010
Do we need to flash this drive in order to make it work? and also does this automatically play backups or do we have to flash it to do that also?


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Dec 3, 2010
Hey Xecuter I was just wondering if I wanted to modify this so that the eject mechanism was in the external disk drive case instead do you think that would be possible?
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