xecuter 2 HELP


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May 9, 2020
united kingdom
Hey guys I have a og xbox with a xecuter 2 chip in it, now I have no idea what im doing it wont boot up it will only stay on the xbox logo and it wont go any further, ive tried switching the switch in both directions I have no idea if that has helped me in any way XD I bought it awhile ago now I have another og xbox and the light on the chip flashes red that's about all I know, I haven't got a clue what im doing lol, can someone help me out with this please, I don't know if im going to need an ide to sata convertor to hook up to my pc or not to reinstall the software if there is any, if their is could someone post where to get it from please.
im clueless at this stage XD please someone help me :D