Xecuter CK3 Probe v2 - First Liteon No Solder Solution !


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Feb 24, 2003
California, USA
After the amazing success of our LT Switch solution, we are pleased to launch the latest addition to the CK3 family of products – the FIRST complete NO SOLDER solution for the newer Liteon DVD drives – the CK3 Probe v2. This is targeted to installers who require a multi-use no solder solution to the new Liteon drives – or to the users who simply don’t have the skills to solder our cheaper LT switch alternative.

Still retaining the original CK3 Probe function of dumping the 74850 key, but now also enabling full firmware access of the new 83850V2 and 93450 drives – you can easily switch between PROBE and LT Switch Modes – A complete all-in-one solderless solution !

- Liteon 74850 - No Cuts Required - No Rebuild PCB Required. Switch to original CK3 Probe Function for DVD Key Extraction
- Liteon 83850V2 - 3 Small Trace Cuts (Same as LT Switch) - No Rebuild PCB Required. Special Conductive Glue supplied with kit to easily repair the cuts (Enough for at least 10 DVD Drives) - No Soldering !
- Liteon 93450 - 3 Small Trace Cuts (Same as LT Switch) - No Rebuild PCB Required. Special Conductive Glue supplied with kit to easily repair the cuts (Enough for at least 10 DVD Drives) - No Soldering !

Installers can use this again and again and again and again – No rebuild boards – no soldering – NO PROBLEM !

The CK3 Probe 2 connects to both the CK3 Lite and CK3 Pro connectivity kits and includes full status LED’s and an extra protection circuit against accidental shortages on the DVD PCB.

Resellers (Sign Up For Stock Notification): ModTraders.co.uk
Stock is expected to ship during April. RRP £14.95


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Dec 28, 2009
:Dmmmmmm this is gonna be the longest 2 weeks i gonna have to wait :D

now marking down on calender lol


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Feb 3, 2010
I'm sorry for the n00bish question - the new Probe is designed only to get the DVD key, but not to flash it? Do I still need Xecuter LT to re-write the "updated" firmware?
-- NM, found an answer...
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Sep 18, 2009
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WOW. thats SEXY. i want 1.
cant wait to get one.

ant tuts coming soon?
im a total newb to the new drives(not really, just a virgin)

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(just playin martin, sorry thought it was funny)


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Jan 22, 2010
Well done guys. Only burning question is - when can I get one !


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Feb 3, 2010
does this allow the drive to be written to or does it just enable the firmware to be dumped without soldering? anybody know?
It allows you to dump the Ofw which contains the Drivekey and other neccasary Data.

The New Lite-ons are still erased and Written Via Sata!! How is this not obvious!!

Anyways, Anybody at Xecutor care to explain how this will get around the need for the traces to be rebuilt or if it even does at all?

Are we going to be told at when it starts shipping that it the cuts require something like conductive glue to be repaired?


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Jul 8, 2009
Bolton, UK
even if it does need the tracks cutting you dont need to solder it, have a look for "circuit works conductive micro tip pen" draw the traces back on with the silver ink, warm it up a bit no soldering.


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Jan 20, 2010
thanks. sounds like you know something we dont. that sounds good though, cant wait until they are released, itll make a lot of people in stoke happy. my soldering skills are poor so been putting people off in the hope of a product like this. now just need to let them know its nearly time. thanks for your reply though teajunkie.