Xecuter CoolRunner Rev C - Phat Wire Install Guide


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Sorry to resurrect this thread but I've been itching to RGH my Jasper 16MB.
Now, it's on kernel 8955 so I can't JTAG it but I can use the RGH1 PHAT procedure in this thread.

My question pertains to Points C and D.
Can I use the points suggested by the RGH 1.2 method instead, that is use FT6U1 (instead of FT6U7) for Point C "POST".

and use the pad to the top of DB7R2 (instead of that point on the top side of the mobo) for Point D "RST"

I'd still be using the timing file suggested by the RGH1 method (Jasper.xsvf).

Thanx for the help
because of ur dashboard. just rgh1 it.
u could find the guide on here or jrunner


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Apr 21, 2005
That's what I intend to do...
Just asking if the points I showed would work with RGH1