Xecuter CR4 XL Magic SMC Files for RGH2+

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Feb 6, 2011
Grand Rapids, MI
Alright everyone. Here is what you've all been waiting for.

Since we don't technically need JRunner to be updated, we can get you guys started!

So, without further ado, here are the files you want.


In this .zip, you will find two folders: RGH2_ECC and SMC

Here is the process you need to get your CR4 XL running RGH2+ (including Corona v5/v6 with Winbond etc)

1. After installing your CR4 and reading your NAND, load the appropriate .ECC for your console type by clicking the "Load Source" button in J-Runner and navigating to the RGH2_ECC folder and selecting the appropriate .ECC for your console.
2. Press "Write ECC" in JRunner.
3. Your console can now boot RGH2+ Xell.
4. As always, get your CPU Key and Fuses and such from Xell.

To create a Freeboot image.

1. Make sure your Nanddump for your console is loaded in "source."
2. Take the appropriate .bin file from the SMC folder and copy it to the Xebuild/data directory your JRunner install uses. (This is typically right next to the output folder)
3. Rename that appropriate .bin file to SMC.bin.
4. In JRunner, create an Xebuild image the way you normally would. (Click "Create Xebuild Image")
5. There will be a popup in JRunner after this that says "smc.bin found. Delete it?"
7. Your Xebuild/Freeboot image will now be completed.
8. Write this updflash.bin to your console.
9. Tune up your install, play some games. Enjoy the awesomeness.


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Feb 24, 2003
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Re: Xecuter CR4 XL Magic SMC Files

No idea what's taking Stef so long to release J-Runner - we set the server up over a week ago for him, I can't imagine what the problem is. Hopefully he will be up and running soon, i'm sure there is some reasonable explanation.

I will have the RGH2+ guides for Falcon and Jasper live later today :)
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