Xecuter CR4 XL on Corona V6 Winbond RAM, Xell OK, Freeboot dont boot


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Jan 3, 2012
Hello, need help with Corona V6 Winbond RAM.
I did read tutorials:

I was able to get cpukey without a problem, but i cant boot xeBuild (16747) image even using magic SMC.
Here is my glitching info:

50+ means 50 glitches, but not boot.
3- means that 3rd boot panic console to shut down.
CORONA_4GB.ecc means using Xecuter ECC.
CORONA.bin means compiling xeBuild using Xecuter CORONA.BIN.

So you can see, that XeLL boots up every time, even if sometimes it is longer. But now matter what I do, It wont boot xeBuild image.
Any help appreciated, thanks.

Building log:
base path changed to ***REMOVED***---- { Image Build Mode } ----
building glitch2 image
<enter> key on completion suppressed
data directory overridden from command line to '16747\'
per build directory overridden from command line to 'data\'
file name overridden from command line to '***REMOVED***\updflash.bin'

------ parsing user ini at 'data\options.ini' ------
loading file...done!
pre-parsing and sanitizing
User options.ini loaded, 0x1b0 bytes in memory
loading cpukey.txt from data\cpukey.txt
CPU Key set to: 0x***REMOVED*** (weight:0x35 valid; ecd: valid)
setting 1blkey from ini: 0xDD88AD0C9ED669E7B56794FB68563EFA
1BL Key set to  : 0xDD88AD0C9ED669E7B56794FB68563EFA sum: 0x983 (expects: 0x983)
xex Key set to  : 0x20B185A59D28FDC340583FBB0896BF91 sum: 0x800 (expects: 0x800)
Using patchsmc option (ini file)

------ parsing ini at '16747\_glitch2.ini' ------
ini version 16747

ini: label [coronabl] found
found (1) 'cba_13121.bin' crc: 0x9255dfb1
found (2) 'cbb_13121.bin' crc: 0x6f3f9c18
found (3) 'cd_12905.bin' crc: 0x58221592
found (4) 'ce_1888.bin' crc: 0xff9b60df
found (5) 'cf_16747.bin' crc: 0x94a4ef68
found (6) 'cg_16747.bin' crc: 0x88e1e9b9
ini dictates dual CB for this model

ini: label [flashfs] found
found (1) 'aac.xexp' crc: 0x12d353e9
found (2) 'bootanim.xex' crc: 0x151b0618
found (3) 'createprofile.xex' crc: 0x32ceed5a
found (4) 'dash.xex' crc: 0x4103a319
found (5) 'deviceselector.xex' crc: 0xfe497738
found (6) 'gamerprofile.xex' crc: 0xef9022d5
found (7) 'hud.xex' crc: 0xc0e76e31
found (8) 'huduiskin.xex' crc: 0x155495d3
found (9) 'mfgbootlauncher.xex' crc: 0xdecbab8e
found (10) 'minimediaplayer.xex' crc: 0x2892b8d5
found (11) 'nomni.xexp' crc: 0xdcef767a
found (12) 'nomnifwk.xexp' crc: 0x0d14c998
found (13) 'nomnifwm.xexp' crc: 0xdc46bb6e
found (14) 'SegoeXbox-Light.xtt' crc: 0xe0ee6049
found (15) 'signin.xex' crc: 0xcbfce61f
found (16) 'updater.xex' crc: 0xafef5cf0
found (17) 'vk.xex' crc: 0xf2caff49
found (18) 'xam.xex' crc: 0x79f6eabf
found (19) 'xenonclatin.xtt' crc: 0xd5d17ff5
found (20) 'xenonclatin.xttp' crc: 0x7a507ad1
found (21) 'xenonjklatin.xtt' crc: 0xdde4a14c
found (22) 'xenonjklatin.xttp' crc: 0xe2adddfb
found (23) 'ximecore.xex' crc: 0x4c2f6bd1
found (24) 'ximedic.xex' crc: 0x1d992bfb
found (25) 'ximedic.xexp' crc: 0x34c9b084
found (26) '..\launch.xex' crc: 0x00000000
found (27) '..\lhelper.xex' crc: 0x00000000

ini: label [security] found
found (1) 'crl.bin' crc: 0x00000000
found (2) 'dae.bin' crc: 0x00000000
found (3) 'extended.bin' crc: 0x00000000
found (4) 'fcrt.bin' crc: 0x00000000
found (5) 'secdata.bin' crc: 0x00000000
------ ini parsing completed ------

output name overridden to: ***REMOVED***\updflash.bin

1BL RSA pub key file is not available, signature checks will not be performed
PIRS RSA pub key file is not available, signature checks will not be performed
MASTER RSA pub key file is not available, signature checks will not be performed

------ Checking data\nanddump.bin ------
data\nanddump.bin file size: 0x3000000
nanddump header checks passed OK!
Loading NAND dump (0x3000000 bytes)...done!
Detecting NAND controller type from dump data...
    NAND dump is from a mmc machine
    NAND dump uses big block controller
decrypting KeyVault at address 0x4000 of size 0x4000
keyvault decrypted OK, will use if no kv.bin is provided
decrypting SMC at address 0x800 of size 0x3800
SMC decrypted OK, will use if no external smc.bin is provided
seeking smc config in dump...found at offset 0x2ffc000! Using if no smc config is provided.
CF slot 0 decrypted ok LDV 0x01 Pairing: 0xc9041e
CF slot 1 decrypted ok LDV 0x02 Pairing: 0xc9041e
setting LDV from image to 2
setting pairing data from image to 0xc9041e
pairing set to: c9 04 1e
attempting to find valid anchor block
anchor block v 77 at 0x2fe8000 is valid
anchor block v 76 at 0x2fec000 is valid
anchor block v 77 at 0x2fe8000 is selected
MobileB.dat found at sector 0x3b2 (offset 0xec8000), size 2048 (0x800) bytes
MobileC.dat found at sector 0x291 (offset 0xa44000), size 512 (0x200) bytes
MobileE.dat found at sector 0x28 (offset 0xa0000), size 2048 (0x800) bytes
Statistics.settings found at offset 0x2ff8000, size 4096 (0x1000) bytes
Manufacturing.data found at offset 0x2ff4000, size 4096 (0x1000) bytes
seeking security files...
crl.bin found in sector 0x3c3 size 0xa00...verified! Will use if external file not found.
dae.bin found in sector 0x638 size 0xde60...verified! Will use if external file not found.
extended.bin found in sector 0x37a size 0x4000...verified! Will use if external file not found.
fcrt.bin found in sector 0x38b size 0x4000...pub key to verify signature is not available, skipping!
verified! Will use if external file not found.
secdata.bin found in sector 0x63d size 0x400...verified! Will use if external file not found.
Writing initial header to flash image

------ loading system update container ------
16747\su20076000_00000000 found, loading...done!
    Read 0xb35000 bytes to memory
checking integrity...
header seems valid, version 2.0.16747.0
header hash is OK, checking content hashes...
content hashes seem OK, everything looks good!
extracted SUPD\xboxupd.bin (0x7a010 bytes)
decrypting SUPD\xboxupd.bin\CF_16747.bin (0x4560 bytes)...done!
decrypting SUPD\xboxupd.bin\CG_16747.bin (0x75aaa bytes)...done!

------ Loading bootloaders and required security files ------
reading data\SMC.bin (0x3800 bytes)
reset smc load address to 0x800 size 0x3800
reading data\kv.bin failed, using kv.bin from nand dump
reading .\common\cba_13121.bin (0x1af0 bytes)
loaded cba_13121.bin, could not check signature rsa key not present!
reading .\common\cbb_13121.bin (0x7b40 bytes)
reading .\common\cd_12905.bin (0x5090 bytes)
reading .\common\ce_1888.bin (0x5606a b pad 0x56070 b)
reading data\xell-gggggg.bin (0x40000 bytes)
extracted SUPD\xboxupd.bin\CF_16747.bin (0x4560 bytes)
extracted SUPD\xboxupd.bin\CG_16747.bin (0x75aaa bytes)
reading 16747\bin\patches_g2corona.bin (0x8cc bytes)
reading data\smc_config.bin failed, using smc_config.bin from nand dump
checking smc_config
extracting config
SMC config info:
Target temps: Cpu:  82řC Gpu:  78řC Edram:  76řC
Max temps   : Cpu:  89řC Gpu:  82řC Edram:  82řC
Cpu Fan     : (auto)
Gpu Fan     : (auto)
MAC Address : 28:18:78:1b:67:a3
AVRegion    : 0x00000300 (PAL50)
GameRegion  : 0x02fe (PAL/EU)
DVDRegion   : 2
resetKey    : YYLD
Checking for smc config data patches
smc config was not patched
could not check signature of cba_13121.bin, 1BL RSA key not present!
patch slot offset reset to: 0xb0000

------ Patching BLs and modifying patches ------
Patching BLs...Done!

------ Patching boot reasons and options into flash header ------
    Patching header for xell power reason

------ Encrypting and finalizing bootloaders ------
encoding SMC.bin size 0x3800
SMC checksum: fd7c6b42
unknown SMC found, type: Corona v6.2(2.05)
glitch hack found in SMC binary!
encoding kv.bin size 0x4000
decrypted keyvault has been set for reference
Master RSA pub not available, not checking hash
encoding cba_13121.bin size 0x1af0
encoding cbb_13121.bin size 0x7b40
CB 13121 seq 0x03020002 type: 0x03 cseq: 0x02 allow: 0x0002
    expected fuses:
    fuseset 00: C0FFFFFFFFFFFFFF
    fuseset 01: 0F0F0F0F0F0FF0F0
    fuseset 02: 0F00000000000000 (sequence)
    fuseset 02: 0F00000000000000 (allow cseq 2)
    **dual CB flag detected!**
encoding cd_12905.bin size 0x5400
encoding ce_1888.bin size 0x56070
encoding xell-gggggg.bin size 0x40000
encoding cf_16747.bin size 0x4560
encoding cg_16747.bin size 0x75ab0
encoding patches_g2corona.bin size 0x4f0

------ Adding bootloaders to flash image ------
adding SMC.bin at raw offset 0x00000800 len 0x3800 (end 0x4000)
adding kv.bin at raw offset 0x00004000 len 0x4000 (end 0x8000)
adding cba_13121.bin at raw offset 0x00008000 len 0x1af0 (end 0x9af0)
adding cbb_13121.bin at raw offset 0x00009af0 len 0x7b40 (end 0x11630)
adding cd_12905.bin at raw offset 0x00011630 len 0x5400 (end 0x16a30)
adding ce_1888.bin at raw offset 0x00016a30 len 0x56070 (end 0x6caa0)
adding xell-gggggg.bin at raw offset 0x00070000 len 0x40000 (end 0xb0000)
adding cf_16747.bin at raw offset 0x000b0000 len 0x4560 (end 0xb4560)
adding cg_16747.bin at raw offset 0x000b4560 len 0x75ab0 (end 0xc0000, rest in fs)
adding patches_g2corona.bin at raw offset 0x000c0010 len 0x4f0 (end 0xc0500)
Fixing up FS table...done!
Writing zeropair CG patch slot overflow data to sysupdate.xexp1
    at raw offset 0xd0000 len 0x0006a010 (end: 0x0013a010)...done!

------ adding 27 firmware files ------
extracted SUPD\aac.xexp (0x14000 bytes) (crc32: 0x12d353e9 ini: 0x12d353e9)
    adding as aac.xexp1 at raw offset 0x13a010 len 0x00014000 (end 0x0014e010)
extracted SUPD\bootanim.xex (0x61000 bytes) (crc32: 0x151b0618 ini: 0x151b0618)
    adding as bootanim.xex at raw offset 0x150000 len 0x00061000 (end 0x001b1000)
extracted SUPD\createprofile.xex (0xc000 bytes) (crc32: 0x32ceed5a ini: 0x32ceed5a)
    adding as createprofile.xex at raw offset 0x1b1000 len 0x0000c000 (end 0x001bd000)
extracted SUPD\dash.xex (0x598000 bytes) (crc32: 0x4103a319 ini: 0x4103a319)
    adding as dash.xex at raw offset 0x1c0000 len 0x00598000 (end 0x00758000)
extracted SUPD\deviceselector.xex (0xa000 bytes) (crc32: 0xfe497738 ini: 0xfe497738)
    adding as deviceselector.xex at raw offset 0x758000 len 0x0000a000 (end 0x00762000)
extracted SUPD\gamerprofile.xex (0x1b000 bytes) (crc32: 0xef9022d5 ini: 0xef9022d5)
    adding as gamerprofile.xex at raw offset 0x762000 len 0x0001b000 (end 0x0077d000)
extracted SUPD\hud.xex (0x1d000 bytes) (crc32: 0xc0e76e31 ini: 0xc0e76e31)
    adding as hud.xex at raw offset 0x77f000 len 0x0001d000 (end 0x0079c000)
extracted SUPD\huduiskin.xex (0x14000 bytes) (crc32: 0x155495d3 ini: 0x155495d3)
    adding as huduiskin.xex at raw offset 0x79d000 len 0x00014000 (end 0x007b1000)
extracted SUPD\mfgbootlauncher.xex (0x8000 bytes) (crc32: 0xdecbab8e ini: 0xdecbab8e)
    adding as mfgbootlauncher.xex at raw offset 0x7b4000 len 0x00008000 (end 0x007bc000)
extracted SUPD\minimediaplayer.xex (0xc000 bytes) (crc32: 0x2892b8d5 ini: 0x2892b8d5)
    adding as minimediaplayer.xex at raw offset 0x7bc000 len 0x0000c000 (end 0x007c8000)
extracted SUPD\nomni.xexp (0xc800 bytes) (crc32: 0xdcef767a ini: 0xdcef767a)
    adding as nomni.xexp1 at raw offset 0x7c8000 len 0x0000c800 (end 0x007d4800)
extracted SUPD\nomnifwk.xexp (0x2000 bytes) (crc32: 0x0d14c998 ini: 0x0d14c998)
    adding as nomnifwk.xexp1 at raw offset 0x7d4800 len 0x00002000 (end 0x007d6800)
extracted SUPD\nomnifwm.xexp (0x5000 bytes) (crc32: 0xdc46bb6e ini: 0xdc46bb6e)
    adding as nomnifwm.xexp1 at raw offset 0x7da000 len 0x00005000 (end 0x007df000)
extracted SUPD\SegoeXbox-Light.xtt (0x6000 bytes) (crc32: 0xe0ee6049 ini: 0xe0ee6049)
    adding as SegoeXbox-Light.xtt at raw offset 0x7e1000 len 0x00006000 (end 0x007e7000)
extracted SUPD\signin.xex (0x19000 bytes) (crc32: 0xcbfce61f ini: 0xcbfce61f)
    adding as signin.xex at raw offset 0x7ea000 len 0x00019000 (end 0x00803000)
extracted SUPD\updater.xex (0x7000 bytes) (crc32: 0xafef5cf0 ini: 0xafef5cf0)
    adding as updater.xex at raw offset 0x805000 len 0x00007000 (end 0x0080c000)
extracted SUPD\vk.xex (0xb000 bytes) (crc32: 0xf2caff49 ini: 0xf2caff49)
    adding as vk.xex at raw offset 0x80f000 len 0x0000b000 (end 0x0081a000)
extracted SUPD\xam.xex (0x253000 bytes) (crc32: 0x79f6eabf ini: 0x79f6eabf)
    adding as xam.xex at raw offset 0x81b000 len 0x00253000 (end 0x00a6e000)
extracted nanddump\xenonclatin.xtt (0x11b000 bytes) (crc32: 0xd5d17ff5 ini: 0xd5d17ff5)
    adding as xenonclatin.xtt at raw offset 0xa6f000 len 0x0011b000 (end 0x00b8a000)
extracted SUPD\xenonclatin.xttp (0x18000 bytes) (crc32: 0x7a507ad1 ini: 0x7a507ad1)
    adding as xenonclatin.xttp1 at raw offset 0xb8b000 len 0x00018000 (end 0x00ba3000)
extracted nanddump\xenonjklatin.xtt (0x1a8000 bytes) (crc32: 0xdde4a14c ini: 0xdde4a14c)
    adding as xenonjklatin.xtt at raw offset 0xba4000 len 0x001a8000 (end 0x00d4c000)
extracted SUPD\xenonjklatin.xttp (0x7000 bytes) (crc32: 0xe2adddfb ini: 0xe2adddfb)
    adding as xenonjklatin.xttp1 at raw offset 0xd4c000 len 0x00007000 (end 0x00d53000)
extracted SUPD\ximecore.xex (0x17000 bytes) (crc32: 0x4c2f6bd1 ini: 0x4c2f6bd1)
    adding as ximecore.xex at raw offset 0xd53000 len 0x00017000 (end 0x00d6a000)
extracted nanddump\ximedic.xex (0x90000 bytes) (crc32: 0x1d992bfb ini: 0x1d992bfb)
    adding as ximedic.xex at raw offset 0xd6b000 len 0x00090000 (end 0x00dfb000)
extracted SUPD\ximedic.xexp (0x2800 bytes) (crc32: 0x34c9b084 ini: 0x34c9b084)
    adding as ximedic.xexp1 at raw offset 0xdfc000 len 0x00002800 (end 0x00dfe800)
reading 16747\..\launch.xex (0xd000 bytes)
    adding as launch.xex at raw offset 0xdfe800 len 0x0000d000 (end 0x00e0b800)
reading 16747\..\lhelper.xex (0x6000 bytes)
    adding as lhelper.xex at raw offset 0xe0d000 len 0x00006000 (end 0x00e13000)

------ adding 5 security files ------
<- Processing crl.bin ->
reading data\crl.bin (0xa00 bytes)
crl appears crypted, attempting to decrypt with CPU key...failed! Trying alternate key...success!
    adding as crl.bin at raw offset 0xe18000 len 0x00000a00 (end 0x00e18a00)

<- Processing dae.bin ->
reading data\dae.bin (0xad30 bytes)
dae appears encrypted, attempting to decrypt with CPU key...failed! Attempting to decrypt with alternate key...
    adding as dae.bin at raw offset 0xe1c000 len 0x0000ad30 (end 0x00e26d30)

<- Processing extended.bin ->
reading data\extended.bin (0x4000 bytes)
    adding as extended.bin at raw offset 0xe28000 len 0x00004000 (end 0x00e2c000)

<- Processing fcrt.bin ->
    could not read fcrt.bin, using data from previous parse...
    adding as fcrt.bin at raw offset 0xe2c000 len 0x00004000 (end 0x00e30000)

<- Processing secdata.bin ->
reading data\secdata.bin (0x400 bytes)
    adding as secdata.bin at raw offset 0xe30000 len 0x00000400 (end 0x00e30400)

------ checking for Mobile*.dat ------
MobileB.dat found, adding from previous parse
    adding MobileB.dat as type 0x31 at raw offset 0xe34000 len 0x800 (end 0xe34800)
MobileC.dat found, adding from previous parse
    adding MobileC.dat as type 0x32 at raw offset 0xe38000 len 0x200 (end 0xe38200)
MobileE.dat found, adding from previous parse
    adding MobileE.dat as type 0x34 at raw offset 0xe3c000 len 0x800 (end 0xe3c800)
Statistics.settings found, adding from previous parse
    adding Statistics.settings at raw offset 0x2ff8000 len 0x1000 (end 0x2ff9000)
Manufacturing.data found, adding from previous parse
    adding Manufacturing.data at raw offset 0x2ff4000 len 0x1000 (end 0x2ff5000)

------ adding smc_config.bin ------
adding smc config to offset 0x02ffc000, len 0x400

------ finalizing image ------
Fixing up empty FS block entries...done!
Writing FS table to image offset 0xe40000 len 0x4000 (end 0xe44000)...done!
copying anchor block 1 to offset 0x2fe8000
copying anchor block 2 to offset 0x2fec000

------ writing image to disk ------
writing file '***REMOVED***\updflash.bin' to disk...done!
***REMOVED***\updflash.bin image built, info:
Kernel    : 2.0.16747.0
Console   : Corona
NAND size : 48MiB MMC (system only)
Build     : Glitch (v2)
Xell      : power on console with console eject button
Serial    : ***REMOVED***
ConsoleId : 248320756838
MoboSerial: 9870442108623518
Mfg Date  : 12/19/2013
CPU Key   : ***REMOVED***
1BL Key   : DD88AD0C9ED669E7B56794FB68563EFA
DVD Key   : ***REMOVED***
CF LDV    : 2
KV type   : type2 (hashed - unchecked, master key not available)
    xeBuild Finished. Have a nice day.
J-Runner log:
Kernel    : 2.0.16747.0Console   : Corona
NAND size : 48MiB MMC (system only)
Build     : Glitch (v2)
Xell      : power on console with console eject button
Serial    : ***REMOVED***
ConsoleId : 248320756838
MoboSerial: 9870442108623518
Mfg Date  : 12/19/2013
CPU Key   : ***REMOVED***
1BL Key   : DD88AD0C9ED669E7B56794FB68563EFA
DVD Key   : ***REMOVED***
CF LDV    : 2
KV type   : type2 (hashed - unchecked, master key not available)
    xeBuild Finished. Have a nice day.
Saved to ***REMOVED***
Image is Ready
Initializing updflash.bin..
Corona 4GB
Nand Initialization Finished



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Did you build your image with the correct "Magic Files" SMC.bin?

Also, why aren't you just installing the QSB for 4GB R/W? Especially if you are doing this for a customer the least you could do is include the few dollar R/W kit so the customer can flash the NAND themselves.


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Jan 3, 2012
Yes, I already mention it in my first post.
My SMC file before rename:
bd9330781120be860eb152509b0ddb79 *CORONA.bin

Most of the people even dont know how to dissasemble console, so it doesnt matter to them and its no problem to me.
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Feb 25, 2013
If it's booting Xell all the time than I think it's something Happening while building your image. Can you post your j runner log


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Jan 3, 2012
Yes, i would expect that it is problem with building image, but there is no deviation from the Xecuter manual, so i dont know what should i change. Iam adding building log.


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Jan 3, 2012
you only have dip 8 on try dip 8 and 3 as per tut
As I understand, DIP 8 should be always on for Corona - same as DGX.
And about DIP3, I have tried with and without, and also different jumper settings - as you can see in my first post. The only one missing is SLIM|3+8|100_Ohm| but I really dont think that will save the day. Because it is huge different between tuning up to get better time and my situation - without single successful glitch.


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Mar 1, 2010
I'm sure once RF patches it up then it'll be released via JR. He'll likely post back here too.