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Sep 4, 2010
I am well versed in old method of ripping and burning xgd2 disks. I had a Hitachi drive in 360 (flashed with jungleflasher) and a Ixtreme ripper for ripping the discs. My xbox 360 has an executor card between drive and external sata to flash firmware on dvd drive.

Now I'm confused with xgd3. I have the pc burner with blaster max for firmware for final burning. But I don't understand the ripping. Can I rip with my kreon using a new Ixtreme firmware? If I get your benq drive, do I need to put it into the xbox or can I house it into an external drive chassis for sata and rip to my pc? If I replace the hitachi drive in my xbox, two problems: a) can't reach my computer from tv which are 30 feet apart; and b) will my old xgd2 games on old hitachi firmware work?
I really need your help to figure this stuff out. I'll buy whatever I need to make this work. I am not a dummy just confused. Do I need to spoof my hitachi drive to benq or liteon?:crazy:


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Apr 26, 2007
Gosport, UK
There are loads of tutorials and guides about this, but what you need is a benq or liteon drive flashed with 0800 v3 firmware. You will also need a method if connecting it to your pc. A ck3i and a X360USB Pro are recommended. All the info is out there bro, just do a search.

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