LITEON DG-16D4S - SLIM Yes Im a Noob.. but..


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Jul 4, 2012
Alright.. I have read a whole lot of FAQ's. Typically I am pretty good at learning these things. Back in time a bit, I was quick on fixing RRoD, and doing Xclamp swaps and what not. I have not done any flashing, but the only thing I have to learn with is a Lite-On 0401 with a Winbond. I was looking up unlocks, and I found one that does not involve a soldering iron (since I dont have one) and thats fine. What I can't do is get a DVD Key extracted.

Problem = Everything I find involves a USB360Pro. I have a USB360Pro V2. At it is very different. Not finding any FAQ or tutorial using the V2.

Second issue = My JungleFlasher is 0.1.92. Every Jungle flasher tutorial is a previous version, so some things don't add up right.

Yes, I am a noob at this, and I realize I am trying a very tricky drive to learn with, and thats my problem. But, I don't mine the difficulty if I can find the tut's I need for the hardware / software that I have.

The only other drive I have at my disposal is is a LiteOn 1175, but there is nothing for that yet. If it helps, I will give a list of hardware at my disposal.

: Xecuter X360USB Pro V2
: Xecuter CK3 Probe 3
: Xecuter Sputnik360 Probe
: Xecuter AC Molex Adapter

: A box cutter for the unlock the Winbond part, if I can get to that.:
: Jungleflasher 0.1.92

Any kind of tutorial (Video Prefered, but whatever) would be very helpful, as I would like to learn how to work on these more complicated drives. No one for miles from me fixes or repairs Slim drives, and the ones that do Phat's charge way to much money (like 50 -70 USD) So I really want to learn. Much appreciation there will be. As far as this being basically my first post, typically, I read and learn... I don't waste space by posting just random stuff.. I only post when I absolutely need to.

Thanks, hope that was TL:DR'd


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Apr 22, 2009
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about the liteon 0401 winbond there´s no need for soldering as you said only the 100ohm resistor if you gonna make the kamikaze hack and the hardware you have you are good to go use the same tutorials of xbox 360 usb pro v1 and some advise m8 you said that you dont make any flash yet and starting with kamikaze hack its not a good idea take a look here maybe it helps you:;) and all you need to do is here
xbox 360pro v2
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Jul 4, 2012
Thank you for your response.. I was able to collect enough information using the forum search button and google to figure it out and get it done. I did, however, bookmark the links you gave me for more information... Can never have to much of that.