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Posted by Scene News on Nov 19, 2011

iXtreme LT 3.0 is coming – DAE/AP25 Gets The Silver Bullet !

We just had a development meeting with C4E and he dropped a bombshell. Thanks to the recent silent DAE update he has been able to discover how to hit DAE/AP25 with the "Silver Bullet" and has developed iXtreme LT 3.0 which defeats DAE/AP2.5 reliance COMPLETELY.

A new FW and a new version of XBC will be released to get you up and running again in no time.

We can also confirm that C4E has finished the Hitachi LT 2.0 fw (pre 78/79 not affected by DAE/AP25) and will be releasing that as soon as its gone through final testing.

You heard it here first 🙂