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Posted by Scene News on Feb 15, 2012

J-Runner Coming Soon & More Xecuter DemoN details

J-Runner is an all new JTAG/RGH app has been in development for a number of weeks by members of Team Jungle & Team Xecuter.

Currently being hammered and tweaked by 30+ members of the teams, J-Runner will become the De facto choice for all JTAG/RGH modders much like Jungle Flasher has been for all Firmware enthusiasts.

Here is a screen shot of an earlier beta to give you an idea of what it will look like. We also slipped in a few official details of the Xecuter DemoN project.

In the meantime Xecuter has welcomed several new colleagues on to the team due to the current massive workload. Current projects include the 1175 fw, Xenon RGH, Corona RGH & 6752 CB along with several new hardware projects.

There will be many surprises in store over the next few weeks.