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Posted by Scene News on Feb 24, 2012

J-Runner v0.1 Beta Released !

Without a doubt this is the best JTAG/RGH App we have ever used – Team Xecuter

J-Runner v0.1 Beta

J-Runner is a simple all-in-one application that integrates with Xebuild to read/create and write xbox 360 nand images for the reset glitch and Jtag hack.

It has been developed with the end user in mind to make the entire process intuitive, simple and seamless from start to finish.

Integrated features:

  • CPU Key functions – Get key over http and integrated cpu key database
  • DashLaunch ini Creator
  • Automated file save feature – saves files from each console to a folder based on console serial
  • Automatic Remapping of bad blocks before creating ECC image (first 50 blocks)
  • Integrated image building functions with no reliance on python
  • Read, write and compare nand images independent of nandpro
  • Automated update notification – always have the latest version, when available (requires Internet connection)
  • Patch nand (change DVD Key, Drive OSIG and region)
  • Manually alter Lock Down Values (LDV – for Xebuild use)
  • And lots more to find out……

To do:

  • Finish adding lpt support for flashing coolrunner and reading/writing nand
  • add full 14717 support for slims/phats
  • add Jasper 6752 CB_B Support


  • .Net framework 4
  • Xecuter Nand-X (with drivers installed)
  • CoolRunner (RGH Only)
  • Nand-X to CR programming cable (RGH Only)
  • Soldering Skills 😉
  • Brains 😛

How to use:
Read the included tutorial 😉

Thanks :
To XeBuild creators for the awesome program
To Tiros and Gligli for their script
An important person to me that without him i wouldn't have made this app.
Martin_C, Redline99, Bliep4Ever and everyone that helped me create it with their invaluable info
and last but not least, the testers for .. testing 🙂

Also a big thanks to Team Xecuter for their support on this project

The author of J-Runner will not be held responsible for any damage to your 360 caused whilst using this application. Use this at your own risk! (It's a Beta after all)


Build 259

  • fixed the actual issue on nands that need donor files 😛

Build 258

  • added 14719 (and dash selector)
  • fixed a dashlaunch issue
  • fixed (a possible issue) on nands that need donor files

Build 258

  • fixed a problem with changing ldv

Build 256

  • Initial Release

Download Latest .Exe file:

Download Core Pack:

Download 14719 Files:
Download 14717 Files:
Download 14699 Files:

J-Runner Official Support Forum: Click here
J-Runner IRC Support Channel @ #J-Runner on efnet

Here is a video showing the J-Runner In Action