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Posted by Scene News on Jan 24, 2013

Latest DemoN News & Updates

Just a heads up that we have been working on fine tuning and upgrading the Demon

Here's whats coming:

1. There is a new firmware v1.4 with lots of bug fixes and commands which can now be sent over UART such as DSWITCH – super useful for developers. Also includes support for 256/512 Big Block

2. All Phat Demons can now be converted to Big Block (BB) Support (Both 256Mb and 512MB). We will be supplying BB conversion kits to all resellers in the next week.

3. We have updated Corona QSB Upgrade so that Demon now supports Corona v1 and v3 (16MB NANDS)

4. There will be new tools released for developers to work with – including a C# Wrapper for the API

The entire Demon Phat and Slim kits have an MSRP of an incredible $49.95 !

This is the new Demon Corona QSB Upgrade with Corona v1 and v3 support