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Posted by Scene News on Jun 16, 2010

LT Clip + LT Switch v2 – Final Images

We are pleased to announce the completion of the latest in our line of LT Switch Liteon DVD mod products, the LT Clip + LT Switch v2.

Production has just begun so we will give you a delivery date shortly.

This kit has been designed with the beginner in mind. It's been in development for a while due to the absolute precision and stability needed to make sure it works for the the lifetime of the DVD Drive with no soldering or glue for trace repairs. We have even included a built in continuity tester to make sure your trace cuts are perfect.

Installation is simple. Make 3 trace cuts (The same as LT Switch v1.X), fit the LT Clip PCB to the Liteon PCB and use the continuity test button to make sure your cuts are correct (Green LED = Good, Red LED = bad). Once you have a Green LED you then fit the specially designed clip to fix the PCB in place. That's it !

The LT Clip can be used with either the new LT Switch v2 or the CK3 Probe II. The first batch will be shipped bundled with the LT Switch v2 and then there will be options later.

We expect the cost for the complete LT Clip & LT Switch v2 bundle kit to be no more than $19.95.

  • If you are skilled and can solder then you can use the LT Switch v1.5
  • If you are a multiple modder who can solder but wants to be fast and cost effective then you have the CK3 Probe II
  • If you are a beginner who has no soldering skills or equipment, doesn't want to buy or use conductive glue and doesn't want the expense to post their console to someone for modding – then the LT Clip solution is perfect for you.

Now everyone has a solution to meet their skills and budget.

Here is a library of images showing the installation of the LT Clip & LT Switch v2 in detail.