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Posted by Scene News on Apr 15, 2010

NAND-X JTAG Kits Update

Many users have asked us about the different JTAG kit designs that we mentioned yesterday. We are sending a bunch of different variations out to many different testers of varying skill over the next few days so we will have the perfect universal solution for you confirmed by next week. Not only are there versions designed for the top of the Xbox motherboard but we've also designed variations for the alternate points on the bottom of the motherboard, using BAT41 diodes where necessary and utilizing a 3 mode Multi-R resistor feature (0Ω / 330Ω  / 470Ω).

Here's a sample of the various versions:

To confirm (again), a JTAG Kit is INCLUDED with NAND-X. It is a complete package with everything you need with an MSRP of $34.95. Further kits will of course be available at a very reasonable price.