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Posted by Scene News on Apr 3, 2010

Nand-X Solderless

After some posts made by forum members regarding a solderless method for the NAND points, we have agreed to manufacture a nice solderless add-on for the NAND-X. It's obviously not for everyone, and you will still need to solder the JTAG part of the mod, but it's easy to make and it's been requested so of course – why not? As you can see there is no heatsink on the southbridge – so we will be making a nice heatsink with attached breakout PCB and pogo pins – much like the Xapt3r we made in the X2/X3 Xbox 1 days. Thanks to Micr0shaft for his ideas and we will be giving you something easy to use in the next couple of weeks 🙂

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