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Posted by Scene News on Apr 7, 2011

New Beta Dash 2.0.13141.0 Stops All Non AP2.5 Games From Booting

We tested the new Beta Dashboard 2.0.13141.0 and can confirm that all games that are NOT AP2.5 patched fail to boot to a black screen (Previous LT+ Non-AP2.5 symptoms) – there is still a lot more testing on really old games (Pre Fifa 09) so we will keep you posted.

So (as suspected) AP2.5 will be activated across the board once the new dash is released, and also as suspected, LT+ has shown to still work by protecting the system from a flag and bypassing the AP2.5 check. (Naturally we expect the AP2.5 checks to get harder and deeper so this is just the beginning)

C4E has confirmed that there WILL be a public method to rip your own AP2.5 data from titles thanks to all the new AP2.5 Table information that was discovered a few weeks back.

C4E also looks forward to receiving the new Halo Reach XGD3 disc

A fun summer ahead for sure.

…..Also standby for a number of HUGE releases by C4E, Team Jungle & Team Xecuter very shortly…….

Edit: Reports of 2.0.13142.0 also but we've not got our grubby hands on that yet