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Posted by Scene News on Apr 29, 2011

New Fake AP25 Patches – C4E False Claims & Still Unsafe For Xbox Live !

We have already commented on the fake AP25 patches but recently there has been some false claims by the makers that needs to be addressed.

They incorrectly claim that their patches are safer than C4EVA's. C4's patches are made with responses from an original disc which will always be safer than the fakes.

There have been several types of fake patches in a continued failed attempt to produce "safe" or "full stealth" patches as they put it. The fake patches are made from data in the dae.bin file and ISOs of an unverified origin.

1) The first version of these fake patches used hardcoded angles with blank response data.
Result: Unsafe for Live.

2) The second version continued to use hardcoded angles with added response data from ISOs of unknown origin.
Result: Still unsafe for Live.

3) The third version has an option to apply random jitter to the hardcoded angles using some software.
Result: Still unsafe for Live.

Each supposed "improvement" is fruitless because they are not obtaining responses from an original disc. Any future releases will never be safe as long as they are based on data sources other than the original disc.

A correct response can only be obtained with an original disc which is how C4EVA has always done it. A public method is in development which will allow you to extract the correct responses from original discs with a new 0800 FW.

These fake releases are made for you without any regard whatsoever for the safety of your consoles and XBL account. Every official fw of patch ever released is done so after extensive testing to be as sure as possible that they would function fully using the XBL network.

Do not ever trust an unofficial fw or an unofficial patch. These people do not use or understand the methods implemented by C4E and any counter claim they make now and in the future should not be believed in any way shape or form. remember – they DO NOT CARE about the safety of your console and XBL account – they only care to have their name in lights with some software release that is both dangerous and irresponsible to the Xbox firmware community.