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Posted by Scene News on Feb 7, 2020

Introducing the Official TX Support Chat Server

More Great Things Are Occurring At The TX Headquarters!

Our dedicated users love having a live chat available to find fast support, and to hang out with other TX users and Staff in real-time. We have decided to host our own chat service to avoid issues we have had to deal with in the past when working with more public services. Having our own chat server gives our users more freedom, more privacy, and better security! We spent a lot of time setting this up for you to enjoy. 🙂


Please remember this is a NEW service offered by TX, and there may be bugs / issues along the way as we begin this new adventure. Thanks to everyone for your dedication in sticking with TX as we work hard to deliver the best experience and the best products for you!

To Join Just Visit: -> Xecuter.Rocks <- And sign-up for an account on our very own TX chat server!