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SX OS v2.6.1 BETA Announcement

We thank you all for your quick feedback on our SX OS 2.6 BETA release that we released yesterday!


We have addressed two (important) regressions in this new 2.6.1 BETA release.

  • SXOS Online License Activation
    People who anticipated the 2.6 release for a while but didn't have a valid license on their microSD card yet experienced an issue where they were unable to activate their copy of SX OS. This has been addressed and fixed!
  • USB Harddisk support regression
    It turns out that we broke support for USB Harddisks on firmware 7.x during our final iterations of development. This has been corrected, you can all enjoy your external storage again!

That's all we have for today! Keep an eye out for what's yet to come.

—< Team-Xecuter - Rocking the Switch in 2019 and beyond! >—

SX OS v2.6 BETA Announcement

Knock knock.. who's there?
It is your dear friends from Team-Xecuter with a new update for SX OS!


We know everyone has been eagerly anticipating support for firmware 7.x, some even said it would never come.. but the wait is now over!

This new 2.6 BETA of SX OS adds full support for Nintendo Switch firmware 7.x, including ALL functionality you expect when using our product. We've been pioneering our own unique and proprietary solution for defeating any future firmware protection and we're quite happy with the results so far.

This release is marked as BETA because we changed things drastically under the hood to streamline future firmware updates and some things may inadvertently behave differently.

That does not mean it hasn't been vetted at all, so give it a shot today!

Of course, we haven't been sitting idly behind the scenes either. A lot of our development resources and attention has been dedicated to bringing SX OS to those "unhackable" switches. We are working hard to bring the SX OS experience to all of you who are stuck with an "unhackable" switch. Stay tuned for more news!

That's it for today.

Enjoy this new BETA of SX OS. And don't forget to send us your feedback!

—< Team-Xecuter - Rocking the Switch in 2019 and beyond! >—

SX Installer v1.5 Available!

While our SX OS team is hard at work on our upcoming update supporting Nintendo's 7.0.x firmware!


The SX Installer team is happy to bring you another update adding some of the most requests features we received from users by email.



  • increased single-threaded install speed.
  • added option for multi-threaded network install to increase install speed.
  • fixed memory issue with tiny game icon diplay.
  • fixed slow boot time when retroarch has a large collection of thumbnails.
  • more responsive UI menus.
  • added support for the new "SX Server" to easily install NSP's from a windows PC over the network or through direct USB connection.
  • General UI enhancements.

SX Server v1.1 is a separate download for advanced users (Windows PC is required).


More to come soon from us, meanwhile, enjoy this update and thank you for your patience.

-=< Team-Xecuter – Rocking the Switch in 2019 and Beyond! >=-

SX Installer v1.4 Released

SX Installer is back with another update!


Now available in V1.4, it adds several features including support for homebrew install and auto update.

  • Added paging of game icons for large collections to lower memory consumption.
  • Added support for Retroarch ROM icons.Added support for SFTP and FTPS.
  • Added "Homebrew Store" for downloading, installing, and updating SX recommended homebrew applications, including SX Installer itself.
  • Ability to dump updates and DLC's to NSP from XCI titles.
  • General UI enhancements.

That's all for today. Stay tuned!

—< Team-Xecuter – Rocking the Switch in 2019 and beyond! >—

SX OS v2.5.3 Stable Announcement

We are receiving lots of questions regarding compatibility with the latest 7.0 firmware update.


While we are not ready yet to release this to the world we did want to put out a small bugfix release that addresses one important issue..

So here we are; SX OS v2.5.3!

What was fixed?

  • EmuNAND 6.2 booting again after updating System NAND to 7.0

Some of you who updated their System NAND to version 7.0 notified us their EmuNAND on version 6.2 would no longer boot, thus they were unable to continue using SX OS! This of course is unacceptable, so we decided to investigate and fix it. You can now enjoy the latest firmware on your System NAND again while keeping a compatible firmware in your EmuNAND partition.

That's all for today. Stay tuned!

—< Team-Xecuter – Rocking the Switch in 2019 and beyond! >—

SX Installer v1.3 Released

After much 'valuable user feedback' since our last update to SX Installer,
Team-Xecuter is back with another great update to our app, checkout v1.3 changes below!


As pointed out with our previous update, SX Installer has quickly become the 'super tool' that all SX OS users love, and with this v1.3 update, there been improvements, along with minor bug fixes, and of course new features added to enjoy!

  • https support added.
  • Images now download faster, directly through https.
  • "Preload images" more stable.
  • Directories can be copy+pasted, and also deleted in the file browser.
  • Default locations can now be deleted.
  • Improved USB stability.
  • Misc UI enhancements.
  • Improved language translations.
  • Nut network server requires latest version.
  • Added support for 7.0.

PLEASE NOTE: — The above 'added support for 7.0' is for newer games/dlc/updates that need the new firmware, please stay on v6.20 firmware and do not update to latest v7.0 at this time!


—< Team-Xecuter – Rocking the Switch in 2019 and beyond! >—

SX Installer v1.2 Released

Your friends are Team-Xecuter are back today with SX Installer v1.2


This is a refined, polished version of the super tool all SX OS users love.

A lot of improvements and bug fixes in this version. Here is a short list of the change log:

  • Fixed save games not backing up sub directories
  • Fixed save game restore.
  • Fixed nut server installations.
  • Fixed touch screen on some screens.
  • Reduced memory consumption by ~30%.
  • Improved stability of nut USB installs.
  • Improved usbhdd stability.
  • Added hex viewer to file browser.
  • Added ability to dump installed eShop games to NSP (ftp, usbhdd, SD).
  • Please be mindful that games larger than 4GB cannot be dumped to fat32 file systems.
  • General system stability improvements to enhance the user's experience.


—< Team-Xecuter – Rocking the Switch in 2019 and beyond! >—

SX OS v2.5.2 'STABLE' Announcement

We received plenty of feedback following our recent 2.5.1 beta release.


So today, we're back with a small bug fix release. But more importantly, many of you have asked us why we're not releasing any STABLE versions of SX OS anymore. Those people can rejoice, SX OS v2.5.2 is an officially supported stable release! This means that both the stable and beta channels are fully in sync now; feature- and functionality-wise.

This release addresses two small bugs:

  • Fixed issue with installing split XCI / NSP
    Some split content file sizes were causing issues for some people, this is no longer the case!
  • Fixed issue with deleting files after XCI / NSP installation
    Deleting the original XCI/NSP files after installation was introducing some crashes and side effects for certain users. We investigated this issue and are happy to let you know its now a thing of the past!

That's it for today, people. Keep an eye out for our coming updates!

—< Team-Xecuter - Rocking the Switch in 2019 and beyond! >—

SX Installer V1.1 Released!

Your friends at Team-Xecuter are back again with another major update for the always improving:
SX Installer V1.1


As it becomes a more and more powerful tool, you will find now not only lots of stability improvements, but also key new features like touch screen support and the never seen before ability for the user to be able to drag the list of games.

We will let you discover the rest, please find below the change log for v1.1:

  • Fixed "delete after install"
  • Fixed file browser copy progress bar.
  • File browser delete now works for SD, FTP, and USB HDD.
  • File browser rename now works for SD and FTP.
  • File browser can now write to SD, FTP, and USB HDD, so files can be copied to FTP and USB HDD now.
  • Single click back up all game saves!
  • Added Touch Screen support everywhere!
  • Added ability to preload meta images.
  • Images are now stored in image database files, as some fat32 users ran into SD card issues with the sheer number of image files before. /switch/sx/cache/ and /switch/sx/icons/ can now be deleted.
  • Added support for backing up and restoring game saves.
  • There is an option to specify the game save backup directory, which supports SD, FTP, and USB HDD. So you can backup and restore your save games from across the network or from your hard drive.
  • Improved stability for network installs.
  • Improved translations for ZH, NL, and RU.
  • Added confirmation dialog for deleting files.

More to come soon on all fronts, and as usual do not hesitate to email us for bug reports and suggestions, or to utilize our TX Community for support from fellow users like yourself. Our motivation is your satisfaction.

—< Team-Xecuter - Rocking the Switch in 2019 and beyond! >—

SX OS v2.5.1 Beta Announcement

Happy New Year, everybody!


We hope you've all had a smooth transition into the year 2019. Your friends from Team-Xecuter would like to kick off the new year with a small update to SX OS.

Lets waste no time and see what's new in 2.5.1:

  • LayeredFS compatibility fixes
    It appears we introduced a regression in "LayeredFS" support in 2.5.0. This affected certain game mods like fan translations. This has been tracked down and fixed!
  • Improved Internet Local Wireless Play
    Numerous stability fixes and improvements have been made to the Internet Local Wireless Play functionality.
  • Fixed false positive 'corrupted' message for installer
    The Switch software management menu has an option for verifying the integrity of installed titles. When using this functionality with titles that have been installed through our NSP installer you would always get a message saying the title data is corrupt. This was mostly a false positive as the installed titles worked fine.. but we've hunted down the root cause of this and fixed this cosmetic shortcoming for all new installs!
  • Add support for installing XCI
    You read it right, as of now you can also *install* titles that come in XCI format, just as you would be able to do for any content that comes in NSP format. This is useful for people who would like to access all of their games from the home menu screen instead of going through our menu. Of course you can still play XCI titles without installing as well!

That's it for today. The year is still young. Hang in there to see what we are cooking up in our labs!

—< Team-Xecuter - Rocking the Switch in 2019 and beyond! >—

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