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SX Autoloader Updated To Support USB HDD

Team [WAIN] is back with a quick update to their SX Autoloader release!


After getting lots of positive feedback on how much easier it was now to play games in XCI format (dumped cartridges) on the Switch console, the team decided to quickly update their recently released SX Autoloader to support USB HDD, so that you can now fully enjoy auto-mounting all your XCI games no matter how vast your collection is or how it is stored.

Changelog v1.1

  • Added USB HDD Support
  • Improved XCI detection
  • Database caching for speed

NOTE: If you have large XCI collection on your USB HDD, first time usage may take a couple of minutes for the database to be built.
IMPORTANT: If you get an Error Code on boot-up, then it means your SD Card has corruption on it, please re-format it and start fresh.

As usual, you can find the latest version of their SX Autoloader in our TX Community Resources section, just unpack the new version overwriting the previous files.

That's all for today, Enjoy! 🙂

—< Team-Xecuter - Rocking the Switch in 2019 and beyond! >—

Introducing The SX AutoLoader

No more getting upset about seeing 'Insert the game card' message.


Thanks to our friends at Team [WAIN] they have released an small 'add-on' to our SX OS v2.9.2 which allows you to 'auto-load', what that means now you just find the game you have previously played on your Horizon Home Screen, click on it, and even if it is a dumped cartridge in XCI format, as long as you still have the files on your Micro SD-Card, it will now auto-mount the cartridge backup for you and launch it, no more getting upset seeing the 'insert the game card' message, then having to go to Album, launch our SX OS menu, scroll-over and find the game, and mount it and go back.

As long as you have at least mounted your XCI image once via our SX OS menu, now you can just simply click on a XCI Game Icon and it will Auto-Mount and Launch for you directly from the Horizon Home Screen. Is that not amazing! Only one small minor note about this release, is that it currently only scans your Micro SD-Card for the matching XCI game files, and support for USB HDD usage will be coming in a later revision.

This add-on mod is simple to install also, just grab the SX AUTOLOADER from our TX Community Resources and unpack the .RAR to the root of your Micro SD-Card, and next time you boot-up your Switch console you will be able to enjoy the Quick and Ease of playing all your XCI games without any extra 'button' pushing, just click and wait 2 seconds or less at the 'Insert Game Card' screen as the system magically finds your backup cartridge and mounts it for you all in the background and then just enjoy playing!

To see it in action check out this video below:

Additionally, our latest Beta has been pushed to a Stable release now, SX OS v2.9.2 is available in the download section of and works on all Switch firmwares including the latest v9.0.1 from Nintendo. As usual, stay tuned to TX, for more news over the coming weeks! 🙂

—< Team-Xecuter - Rocking the Switch in 2019 and beyond! >—

SX OS v2.9.2 BETA Announcement

Another day, another SX OS update! Today we present you with SX OS v2.9.2 beta.


We've heard multiple times that people are tired of the BETA tag, so if we don't receive any serious complaints this will also soon be known as v2.9.2 stable. Plus of course this release fully supports the latest Nintendo Switch v9.0.1 firmware, if you had not noticed that are previous one did as well! 🙂

What's new in this update?

  • Local Multiplayer over the internet (LAN play) is working again.

    Somewhere down the line we introduced a regression in functionality causing local multiplayer emulation to be broken and/or out of sync with the current lan-play implementation. This has been addressed and should work correctly again.

  • Extended scope of Stealth Mode

    Recently it has come to our attention that there was claims floating around about stealth mode being broken on SX OS v2.9+. We investigated these claims and are happy to let you know this is completely wrong. Stealth Mode behaved exactly the same like it always did.

    Nonetheless, we took this feedback/rumour as an opportunity to further tighten down on the stealthiness. From now you cannot start the eShop application if you have stealth mode enabled. Furthermore all error reporting and telemetry has been neutered. That means errors that are generated while using SX OS that might get you "flagged" won't be queued up for delivery when you boot into OFW anymore either!

  • Improved XCI game compatibility

    In our last update we already addressed some compatibility issues with re-packed XCI images, yet some XCI files were still not playable. We investigated this issue and as it turns out there are certain tools around (older versions of 'NSC Builder' for example) that generate bogus metadata for the (encrypted) 'Gamecard Info' that is part of the XCI header. Our gamecart emulation now detects these bad images and fixes them. If you want your XCI images to be future proof; please be careful with whatever post-processing you apply to XCI files though, we can't clean up after other people's mistakes indefinitely!

  • Rebooting SX OS

    If you select "restart" now from the power options menu you will actually reboot into SX OS. There is no need to replug your SX Pro dongle or send a payload from your computer when doing so. Additionally, if an error occurs you can also reboot into SX OS by simply pressing the power button. Neat!


That's it for today, folks! This is probably one of the final releases in the 2.X series of SX OS. We received many suggestions as to what you want to see in SX OS 3.0. Suffice to say, we work hard to bring you all of those, so for now our SX OS 2.9.2 beta is now available on our download page and also as an OTA update using the SX OS builtin updater. What are you waiting for?!

—< Team-Xecuter - Rocking the Switch in 2019 and beyond! >—

SX Installer v3.0.0 Now Available

Last week, we released SX OS v2.9.1 BETA with v9.0.1 support!
And now today, we are releasing a large v3.0.0 update to our SX INSTALLER App.


It contains a number of large improvements, one of the biggest is that it now integrates 'cheats' for all your Switch games on your system. It also contains an built-in 'cheats' database which updates automatically and selects the right matching cheats for the game you have selected. We have also added support of installing NSZ games they are just like NSP, but are now in compressed format saving you both space and time.

Read on for all the other amazing improvements, we have brought to you today in this wonderful nice update to our popular SX INSTALLER App:

  • Improved boot time.
  • Reduced memory usage.
  • Ability to enable / disable cheats.
  • General UI performance improvements.
  • Firmware v9.0.0 / v9.0.1 compatibility.
  • Support added for NSZ games (compressed NSP).
  • Added uninstall option.
  • Added option to disable music.
  • Added ability to abort downloads.
  • Added authenticated gdrive support.
  • Added ability to write files to dropbox.
  • Added ability to search to the hex editor, and you can also now write / change files using the hex editor.
  • Added ability to copy and paste NSPs from the new games / XCI section, and paste to SD card. (Users can paste files over 4gb on FAT32 by auto-splitting).
  • Added czech, danish, greek, finish, hungarian, norwegian, vietnamese, polish, swedish, tagalog, ukrainian, croatian, turkish, arabic, farsi, hebrew, and hindi.
  • Fixed options screen scrolling.
  • Fixed bug with google drive folders.
  • Fixed incomplete box drawing around game icons.
  • Fixed issue with gdrive directories sometimes being limited to ~50 files.
  • Fixed install all bug not showing the correct names for dlc and updates in the queue.
  • The styling on the keyboard was improved.
  • Locations can now be edited or added from the file browser (use to be add only).
  • Locations now have an extra option: enabled, which flags the location to be loaded automatically at boot.

PLEASE NOTE: After extensive internal testing of this update, there is still an small issue when scanning your connected USBHDD for files/games contents. This bug will be addressed in a future update, and your valuable feedback on any other oversights we missed during our testing would be greatly welcomed.


As usual stay tuned to our TX website, as we are not finished, there are more great updates coming over the next few weeks. 🙂

—< Team-Xecuter - Rocking the Switch in 2019 and beyond! >—

SX OS v2.9.1 BETA Announcement

Improved SX OS support for v9.0.0 firmware is now here!


What's New?

  • Fixed Issues With ChoDuJourNX
  • XCI Compatibility Improved

We know you are waiting for some other big features in SX OS, they are coming… But we needed to get this compatibility bug fix out for v9.0.0 first though.

—< Team-Xecuter - Rocking the Switch in 2019 and beyond! >—

For full direct support with our SX OS releases please join our TX Community and our Discord server!

SX OS v2.9 Beta Announcement

Good day, fans and believers! We hope you are all having a good weekend.

Today, we bring you a much needed update of SX OS. Full compatibility with the latest Switch firmware 9.0! Sorry that we kept you waiting, we wanted to make sure all our unique features still properly work.

Additionally, we also introduced support for the "Horizon split format". This means that people who use FAT32 can have folders named 'game.xci' with split parts contained therein (named 00, 01, 02, etc.). Make sure the folder has the 'archive' bit set.

We know you are waiting for some other big features in SX OS, they are coming.. We wanted to get this compatibility update out first though.

So what are you waiting for? SX OS 2.9 beta is available for download on our website now! (and also through the builtin online updater part of SX OS.)

—< Team-Xecuter - Rocking the Switch in 2019 and beyond! >—

For full direct support with our SX OS releases please join our TX Community and our Discord server!

SX Installer v2.0.0 Now Available

TX is back with a major update to your favorite SX Installer app!
And with the release of v2.0.0 that means a lot of very nice new features.


It has been a while since our SX Installer has been updated, but today we are ready to release v2.0.0 which brings with it a number of nice improvements as you can see in the changelog below, and one of the amazing new features is that you can now upgrade and downgrade your Switch firmware with ease and safety, as simple as installing a NSP game! 🙂

  • Added XCI installation
  • Added on-the-fly standard crypto install
  • Standard crypto conversion hard drops minimum firmware requirement
  • Added socket.json for fine tuning socket settings
  • Added system firmware version check before installing
  • Added google drive directory and file support
  • Plugging in USB cable without SX Server no longer hangs SX Installer
  • Added ability to reset minimum version nag in the application record.
  • Fixed an out of memory crash.
  • Added stability for 8.1.0 firmware.
  • Improved Korean Translations.
  • Added firmware installation.
  • Added dropbox support. url syntax: dropbox:/token:[email protected]/
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes..
  • Enabled compression on database files.
  • Added hosts for custom host entries.
  • Fixed game launching.
  • Improved stability.
  • Added ability to install save game at time of install.
    (unzips in the NSP to the games save)
  • Added ability to install save games from zip files.
    (title id must be in brackets i.e. "doom fix [010018900DD00000].zip)"
  • Fixed error installing certain titles over USB.

That's all for today. Stay tuned!

To find our latest SX Installer, please visit our SX Portal page and for recent Switch firmwares check out this handy listing of firmware packs, and remember for support please visit our TX Commmunity for help from fellow SX users.

—< Team-Xecuter – Rocking the Switch in 2019 and beyond! >—

SX OS v2.8 Beta Announcement

Hey people!


We are back with another update for SX OS. As you all probably know, one of our main priorities is making sure existing users are able to keep enjoying SX OS.

This update brings full compatibility for the recent firmware update 8.1.0.

Nothing more, nothing less. We have some very cool features lined up that are not quite ready for primetime yet. And we didn't want to keep you waiting till next september either.

So what are you waiting for? SX OS 2.8 beta is available for download on our website now! (and through the builtin online updater part of SX OS, of course)

—< Team-Xecuter - Rocking the Switch in 2019 and beyond! >—

SX Dumper v2.0.4 Released

Team WAIN continues to improve their SX Dumper app, adding more features users have requested!


Team WAIN is back, and their latest update allows you to now directly 'install cartridges', and even 'mount xci' images, check it out below:

SX Dumper Changelog v2.0.4

  • added ability to install cartridge or loaded .xci file.
  • added ability to mount xci when found.

Running into problems, or need help, then please join us on our TX official discord channel!


That's all for today, but please stay tuned for more exciting news! 🙂

—< Team-Xecuter – Rocking the Switch in 2019 and beyond! >—​

SX TOOLS v1.1 Released

It is time for another news update here at Team-Xecuter!


Nothing major, just a minor update to our SX TOOLS app, the easy way to launch SX OS using your Android Phone:

Changelog v1.1:

  • replaced old payload with fresh (aligned) one.
  • code cleanup to shrink app size and for better performance.
  • removed "about" tab as it's irrelevant.
  • general system stability improvement to enhance user's experience.

That's all for today, but please stay tuned for more exciting news! 🙂

—< Team-Xecuter – Rocking the Switch in 2019 and beyond! >—​

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