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SX OS v1.6 Announcement

Today, we are releasing version 1.6 of SX OS. This update addresses two important things pertaining compatibility and safety. (Two key elements on our priority list)


Lets have a look at what's new!

  • Add support for 32GB XCI files (Dragon Quest Heroes 1 and 2)
    It came to our attention that 32GB XCI files were not working with SX OS. Since game compatibility is high up there on the priority list of Team Xecuter, we investigated this issue and are happy to report this has been resolved. You can now enjoy these content-packed bigger games like Dragon Quest Heroes!
  • Introducing Stealth Mode
    Stealth Mode is our solution to prevent console bans. In SX OS v1.6 and onwards this feature will be enabled by default.

    • You can still disable Stealth Mode from the TX menu if you really wish to do so, however we do not recommend this (unless your Switch is already banned).
    • With Stealth Mode enabled your Switch system is not able to send any Switch personal information to Nintendo's servers while still allowing basic Internet functionality (for eg homebrew). Things like local WiFi play is also still possible!
    • Keep in mind Stealth Mode is only active when you are running SX OS! If you occasionally boot back into original Switch firmware you may expose yourself to a ban risk if you have modified your Switch system by installing NSP titles for example, so we do not recommend this!
    • Playing XCI titles in SX OS with Stealth Mode enabled should NOT get you banned when booting/using your original Switch firmware online. This is why we personally prefer our Game Cartridge emulation solution, and so should you! 😉

We are working on a solution to allow a clean separation between the SX OS system and your original Switch firmware. Stay tuned!

Enough chit-chat, enjoy this fine release. And keep an eye out for what's yet to come!

To download the new SX OS, as usual you can find it on our official SX Family portal: –>

—< Team-Xecuter - Rocking the Switch in 2018 and beyond! >—

SX TOOLS: The easy way to install SX OS with an Android Phone

Another day, another update. This time it is a neat little app for Android users.


If you want an easy way to use SX OS and have trouble understanding how to select the payload, then SX Tools is for you. No need to download the SX loader payload and manually select it from the app.

Quick instructions:

  1. Install the apk to an OTG capable android phone.
  2. Connect the Switch to the phone.
  3. On the first use, the app will ask for permission to "use USB device" when the Switch is connected. Check the "Use by default…" and press "OK"
  4. SX OS will boot now.

That's it. You don't even need to open the app to use it. Just install it and connect the Switch. Even when the phone is locked, it will work.

–< Team-Xecuter – Rocking the Switch in 2018 and beyond! >–

PLEASE REMEMBER: To download our new SX TOOLS app, please check out our official SX Family portal: –>

Announcing SX GEAR – Your Best OS Companion!

Today, we are happy to introduce our SX Pro little brother, the SX Gear.


SX Gear is the perfect solution for SX OS owners who want an easy and safe way to boot up Team Xecuter firmware.

It can also be use to inject any other payload with a high quality tool kit from the brand you trust: Team Xecuter.

SX Gear combine our acclaimed dongle and jig, strong, sturdy, with its unique super-capacitors. Made to last and keep your Switch safe.

Available in September at a MSRP of $24.95, from all the Team Xecuter distributors located all around the world, including one near you.

—< Team Xecuter, Rocking the Switch in 2018 and Beyond! -->

SX OS v1.5 Announcement

Another day, another small update with some convenient new functionality for SX OS!

Lets have a look at whats new:

  • Added mass NSP install (and optional delete) functionality
    Users who want to install a lot of NSP titles at once can now easily do so by pressing [Y] in the installer tab. Upon finish the NSP installer will also ask you if you want to delete the NSP source files from your microSD card, freeing up space and keeping every neat and tidy!
  • FTP server support
    You can now enable a FTP server from the options tab in our menu that will keep running even once the menu is closed. This FTP server gives direct access to your microSD card, so you no longer have to eject the card to store/retrieve files.
  • More content directories
    Some people complained that they didn't like all the XCI/NSP/NRO files in the root of their SD card. We have to agree that becomes a bit messy, so the menu will now scan the following directories as well looking for game content:

    • /sxos/games
    • /sxos/xci
    • /sxos/nsp
    • /sxos
    • /switch/games
    • /switch/xci
    • /switch/nsp
    • /switch

We hope you enjoy this release!

Once again we would like to thank everyone for their suggestions and their support.

More exciting functionality for all of our end-users is being worked on as we speak. Hang in there with us, your loyalty will be rewarded!

—< Team-Xecuter - Rocking the Switch in 2018 and beyond! >—

Team Xecuter versus the "unhackable" Switch

Dear fans, we hope you're all enjoying your weekend!

Recently, it has come to our attention there's a new revision of the Nintendo Switch in the wild which is incompatible with our SX Pro product. This isn't simply an incompatibility with SX Pro but rather appeared to be a fix of the infamous "USB RCM" exploit.

Naturally, we had to locate one of these new Switch units to get to the bottom of this. Our new Switch unit arrived to us at firmware version 5.1.0 and what we found out is the following (sorry, time to get a bit technical):

One of the IPATCH entries in the fuse set (entry #3) has been replaced with a new patch. The old patch patches the bootrom location 0x10fb3c with the value "00 20" (mov r0, #0 in thumb), and the new patch patches the bootrom location 0x10769a with the value "00 21" (mov r1, #0 in thumb). This new patch effectively zeroes out the upper-byte of the wLength field in the USB RCM endpoint 0 handling code.

Those who are paying attention probably wonder how we know the exact details of this IPATCH entry change, since we can't read out the fuses without our precious USB RCM exploit, right? It is a classic chicken and egg problem.

The answer is obvious: There is more than one coldboot bootrom exploit, and it is not just the warmboot one.

So don't fear: we will deliver a solution for these new "unhackable" switches in due time!

Thank you for attention.

— Team-Xecuter – Rocking the Switch in 2018 and beyond! —

SX OS v1.4 Announcement

Good day, loyal users!

While we chip away at many different features for SX OS and additions to our SX hardware family we took a break to prepare an update for SX OS with some exciting new functionality and outstanding bug fixes.

Let's have a look at what's new and fixed in this release:

  • Integrated NSP installer
    With our last update we introduced the possibility of installing eShop NSP titles. However, this relied on using external tools and wasn't very user friendly. In this release we bring our own integrated NSP installer as part of our menu system. This is the neatest and easiest way of installing NSP titles, enjoy!
  • Integrated homebrew launcher
    Launching homebrew used to be done by launching NX HBMenu by holding R when entering the album. While we kept this possibility (mostly for developers), you can now also launch your favorite homebrew directly from our own menu!
  • IR / motion plus issue fixed
    A few games (like 1-2-Switch and Resident Evil) were suffering from freezes when enabling the joycon IR camera or motion controls.
  • Allow unsigned NCA
    People asked us if we could get rid of the NCA integrity checks, so we did! Custom NCA files, modified NCA files and repackaged NCA files should all work fine now.
  • Display SX OS version in menu
    To better distinguish the different versions of SX OS we introduced a small version number display in our menu.
  • LayeredFS fixes for 4.1.0
    There were certain issues with 'LayeredFS' for people on firmware 4.1.0. If you use 'LayeredFS' on that specific firmware there's good news for you: these issues have been identified and fixed!

And that's that for this release. We have quite the backlog of feature requests and todo's on our plate, but trust we'll get there!

— Team-Xecuter – Rocking the Switch in 2018 and beyond! —

SX OS v1.3 Announcement

We are back once again with an exciting update for SX OS.

Let's skip the drama for now and jump straight to the list of new goodies:

  • Add LayeredFS support
    Are you excited about any upcoming Game Mods for switch games? Well, we are! To accommodate this we have added what is commonly referred to as "LayeredFS" support. In short what this allows you to do is override specific files from a game with modified copies that are loaded from your microSD's (ex)FAT partition.
    Place your custom game files under the following locations on the microSD root:
    – /sxos/titles/<titleid>/exefs/
    – /sxos/titles/<titleid>/romfs/​
    We can't wait to see what cool mods the community will come up with!
  • Add eShop NSP support
    This adds support for installing and launching installed eShop NSP files. This is still rough around the edges and for advanced users only. To install NSP files you need a legitimate copy of the DevMenu, which can be launched currently via LayeredFS. We are still working on adding a custom and easy to use NSP installer to our own menu system. Stay tuned!
    WARNING: We do not recommend playing online with installed eShop NSP games without a valid ticket, as this WILL lead to a console ban without a doubt.
  • Add low battery reconfiguration on bootup
    Some users were having battery issues after playing around with Switch Linux custom payload. This fixes the "battery desync" issue every time you boot your switch. If you weren't use Switch Linux there's nothing to worry, otherwise; enjoy your penguins AND enjoy your horizon OS! 😀
  • Hide OSX Temp files in game selection menu
    If you were pestered by bogus entries in the game selection menu chances are high this is because you are using OSX (and Finder). We simply hide those files from the menu now. All cleaned up!
  • Removed eMMC password lock
    It seems a perfectly safe and easily reversible hacker challenge we put in place for aspiring hackers has been blown out of proportion. We are sad to see so many false claims on the internet and to avoid any further false accusations and 'fake news' we decided to get rid of it. Namaste.

That's it for today! We'll be back soon. Team-Xecuter doesn't take a break. While others moan on social media we work day and night to bring you the best experience on Nintendo Switch.

— Team-Xecuter – Rocking the Switch in 2018 and beyond! —

SX PRO and SX OS Reviewed Around The World

With the successful launch of the SX Pro, and most recently, the release of SX OS v1.2, Team-Xecuter has proven their commitment to making your Nintendo Switch modding experience the easiest and best it can be.

We would like to thank everyone that has taken the time to review our SX Family of products in their own language. Your support has helped make SX Pro and SX OS a worldwide success!

In addition, we are reaching out to the community in an effort to help professionally translate our manuals to various non-English languages. This will assist users in quickly setting up and installing our products on their Nintendo Switch console. If you would like to help out, we would like to reward you for your effort, so please 'contact us' and submit your request to join the translation project. We will get back to you as quickly as possible. Please be sure to include the language(s) you are able to translate.

Check out a selection of the reviews from around the world below:











If you would like to see your review listed here, please email us with a link to your work. We are especially interested to see reviews in languages we haven't covered yet!

Thank you again for supporting Team-Xecuter!

SX OS v1.2 Update Released

It's been a busy week at the Team Xecuter headquarters!
After releasing v1.1 of SX OS we got (yet again) a good amount of feedback from the community.

Let's jump straight into the changes for version 1.2 of SX OS:

  • Added Card2 support
    A small dozen (currently released) games were not compatible with SX OS, we tracked down these incompatibilities with these so-called "CARD2" games and fixed them. You can now fully enjoy `Sushi Striker' and other games!
  • Added downgraded fuse support
    In v1.1 we added a protection against programming fuses. What was not added was a bypass for the "fuse checks", this has now been addressed. Advanced users who want to enjoy "downgraded" firmwares can now do so!
  • Improved homebrew compatibility
    Without going into complicated details, homebrew compatibility has been improved once again. Give your problem homebrew titles another spin, and let us know if any problems remain. We're sure this should be a big improvement.

As always, updating SX OS is simply a matter of replacing "boot.dat" in the root of your microSD card. No need to re-activate your license or anything.

Stay tuned for more updates. We're far from done!

Team-Xecuter, Rocking the Switch in 2018 and beyond!

SX OS v1.1 Update Released

We've had an tremendous amount of positive feedback following the release of SX OS!
So today we bring you a small update to SX OS.

Simply replace boot.dat on your microSD card with the one from the SX OS v1.1 zip file to complete the update.

File can be downloaded from: SX.xecuter.COM

What's new in this release?

  • Improved homebrew compatibility
    We've had reports of some homebrew not running at full speed or not working at all, these issues have been resolved. As you're probably aware, you can enjoy homebrew with SX OS for FREE! (without a license)
  • Added fuse burn protection
    Some people are worried about burning their consoles' fuses, preventing downgrades and possibly hindering upcoming emuNAND support. To put these minds at ease we now prevent these fuses from burning.
  • Support user cert in XCI
    To play online your game (XCI) files need to have a unique certificate embedded. We now properly emulate these certificates, so dumps that have them embedded will be able to play online! Beware though, it is *not* advised to share a certificate with multiple people. Your best option is to make a backup of your own cartridges for the games that you want to play online. A way to do this currently is using WAIN v0.0.3, which can be found here.

In the future we will add our own user friendly cartridge backup functionality to SX OS.

That's it for now. We have much more coming for our userbase (CARD2 anyone?) and we hope you're all enjoying SX OS.

Finally, we want to apologize to the people who are currently anticipating the arrival of their SX Pro… It will be worth the wait though!

Team-Xecuter, Rocking the Switch in 2018 and beyond!

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