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Posted by Scene News on Apr 30, 2013

R-JTAG Is Coming…..(New Exploit For Phats)

After several months of development we can now tell you that our new exploit for phat consoles is about to be launched.


– R-JTAG comes in two flavors – a starter kit and an ultimate kit with all the bells and whistles
– The first release will support Zephyr, Opus, Falcon, Jasper
– There will be a Xenon only version
– Boot speeds are similar to JTAG and RGH1 (from instaboot to 10 seconds)
– Full POST Monitoring with RATER and JRP v2
– Dual Nand works fantastic with the DemoN – especially for Stock / Hacked Nand setups
– No more need for RGH1/RGH2
– Works on the very latest dash/kernel versions
– Solid, reliable booting

Some comments posted by testers on the forums……..

– There are a extremely large portion of instant boots! considering RGH1 and RGH2 were beyond useless on this console – Its fu##in awesome! 

– My Jasper has never taken more than 15 seconds to boot. I've been using it for months now with an older, unrefined version of the hack. So yeah, its pretty good.

– With RJTAG Falcons are now more reliable than Jaspers…..again. We're back to RGH1-type days.

– My Split CB Falcon would never boot with RGH2 – it now boots between 7 and 15 seconds every time 

– Jasper 512 .. wouldn't boot at all with RGH2 – now check out my these Rater timings with RJTAG – WoW

Join #R-JTAG on EFNET and stay tuned…….