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Posted by Scene News on Nov 6, 2019

SX Autoloader Updated to v1.20

Team [WAIN] is back with another update to their SX Autoloader release!


Thousands of SX OS users are loving how easy it is now to mount XCI (dumped cartridges) on their Switch console, thank to the SX AUTOLOADER add-on and now with the v1.20 update, Team [WAIN] brings you an solid release, with stability fixes and faster speed, thanks to hardware accelerated decryption. 🙂

Changelog v1.2

  • General overall stability fixes
  • Fixed bug with to many folders being searched
  • Fixed bug caused by layerfs
  • Fixed bug with long filenames
  • Hardware accelerated decryption
  • Cache directories created if missing

As usual, you can find the latest version of their SX Autoloader in our TX Community Resources section, just unpack the new version overwriting the previous files.

That's all for today, Enjoy! 🙂

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