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Posted by Scene News on May 15, 2019

SX Dumper v2.0.2 Released

Team WAIN is back with another great update to their SX Dumper app for SX OS users!


This update allows you to now dump your DLC content, but that just one new feature, see the new changelog for v2.0.2 below:

  • Ability to dump dlc (change selection with R or L).
  • Titlekey now shows for everything (base,update,dlc).
  • Output name changed.
    (gamename [titleid] type [version].nsp).
    (Mario Kart 8 Deluxe [0100152000022800] Update [v9].nsp).
    (Yoshis Crafted World [01006000040C2000] [v0].nsp).
  • Home button now lights up when dump is in progress do not press while its on.
  • Ability to launch games from main menu (no need to open game before you can launch).
  • SD filesystem detection (No more need to set splitting automatically set when needed).
  • Added missing tx settings (lanplay, stealth mode).

That's all for today, but please stay tuned for more exciting news! 🙂

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