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Posted by Scene News on Oct 6, 2019

SX Installer v3.0.0 Now Available

Last week, we released SX OS v2.9.1 BETA with v9.0.1 support!
And now today, we are releasing a large v3.0.0 update to our SX INSTALLER App.


It contains a number of large improvements, one of the biggest is that it now integrates 'cheats' for all your Switch games on your system. It also contains an built-in 'cheats' database which updates automatically and selects the right matching cheats for the game you have selected. We have also added support of installing NSZ games they are just like NSP, but are now in compressed format saving you both space and time.

Read on for all the other amazing improvements, we have brought to you today in this wonderful nice update to our popular SX INSTALLER App:

  • Improved boot time.
  • Reduced memory usage.
  • Ability to enable / disable cheats.
  • General UI performance improvements.
  • Firmware v9.0.0 / v9.0.1 compatibility.
  • Support added for NSZ games (compressed NSP).
  • Added uninstall option.
  • Added option to disable music.
  • Added ability to abort downloads.
  • Added authenticated gdrive support.
  • Added ability to write files to dropbox.
  • Added ability to search to the hex editor, and you can also now write / change files using the hex editor.
  • Added ability to copy and paste NSPs from the new games / XCI section, and paste to SD card. (Users can paste files over 4gb on FAT32 by auto-splitting).
  • Added czech, danish, greek, finish, hungarian, norwegian, vietnamese, polish, swedish, tagalog, ukrainian, croatian, turkish, arabic, farsi, hebrew, and hindi.
  • Fixed options screen scrolling.
  • Fixed bug with google drive folders.
  • Fixed incomplete box drawing around game icons.
  • Fixed issue with gdrive directories sometimes being limited to ~50 files.
  • Fixed install all bug not showing the correct names for dlc and updates in the queue.
  • The styling on the keyboard was improved.
  • Locations can now be edited or added from the file browser (use to be add only).
  • Locations now have an extra option: enabled, which flags the location to be loaded automatically at boot.

PLEASE NOTE: After extensive internal testing of this update, there is still an small issue when scanning your connected USBHDD for files/games contents. This bug will be addressed in a future update, and your valuable feedback on any other oversights we missed during our testing would be greatly welcomed.


As usual stay tuned to our TX website, as we are not finished, there are more great updates coming over the next few weeks. 🙂

—< Team-Xecuter - Rocking the Switch in 2019 and beyond! >—