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Posted by Scene News on Jun 24, 2018

SX OS v1.2 Update Released

It's been a busy week at the Team Xecuter headquarters!
After releasing v1.1 of SX OS we got (yet again) a good amount of feedback from the community.

Let's jump straight into the changes for version 1.2 of SX OS:

  • Added Card2 support
    A small dozen (currently released) games were not compatible with SX OS, we tracked down these incompatibilities with these so-called "CARD2" games and fixed them. You can now fully enjoy `Sushi Striker' and other games!
  • Added downgraded fuse support
    In v1.1 we added a protection against programming fuses. What was not added was a bypass for the "fuse checks", this has now been addressed. Advanced users who want to enjoy "downgraded" firmwares can now do so!
  • Improved homebrew compatibility
    Without going into complicated details, homebrew compatibility has been improved once again. Give your problem homebrew titles another spin, and let us know if any problems remain. We're sure this should be a big improvement.

As always, updating SX OS is simply a matter of replacing "boot.dat" in the root of your microSD card. No need to re-activate your license or anything.

Stay tuned for more updates. We're far from done!

Team-Xecuter, Rocking the Switch in 2018 and beyond!