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Posted by Scene News on Dec 7, 2019

SX OS v2.9.3 Beta Announcement

Today we are proud to bring you SX OS v2.9.3 beta!
This update adds two things:

    • Compatibility with firmware 9.1.0

A few days ago, firmware 9.1.0 was released. While this is a minor update in terms of new functionality, we want to make sure that everyone who updated their console (or emuNAND) to 9.1.0 can still enjoy SX OS.

    • Compatibility with game titles that use newer encryption

Some (very) recent games would display as white boxes in the menu and/or could not be installed. This has been resolved. Enjoy the full compatibility!

That is all we have for today. We know everyone is eagerly anticipating news on our upcoming solution for patched consoles (fuse-patched, mariko, switch lite).. please hang in there, we will NOT disappoint you!

SX OS 2.9.3 beta is now available on our download page and also as an OTA update using the SX OS builtin updater. What are you waiting for?!

—< Team-Xecuter – Rocking the Switch in 2019 and beyond! >—