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Posted by Scene News on Jun 15, 2020

SX OS v3.0.2 Beta Announcement

Another day, another update.

Following the release of SX OS 3.0.0 beta we got a lot of feedback from the community again. Today we are releasing SX OS 3.0.2 Beta to address some important issues.

  • Fixed error 2162-0002 game crashes (v3.0.2 only, v3.0.1 been purged)
    We introduced a regression in SX OS 2.9.5 which made some games crash with error code 2162-0002 (when accessing in game manuals and such). This has been addressed and resolved.
  • Fixed savedata bug
    In some instances game progress would not be saved correctly. This behavior could be observed in "castle crashers" (for example). This has been tracked down and resolved!
  • Reworked "GPT Repair" functionality for big-NAND users
    Some people with bigger NAND chips reported not being able to boot into SX OS with our latest update. Affected users should use the "GPT repair" option in the SX OS boot menu (Under options -> NAND) which has been revised to fix the partition table for people with bigger capacity NAND chips.
  • Popular extensions working again
    Popular extensions to SX OS like SX Autoloader, Tesla Overlays and sys-clk overlay are fully working again!
  • Reboot to payload functionality restored
    You can now reboot to any payload again. (Only for Erista consoles)
  • EmuNAND on eMMC working again
    We got reports of EmuNANDs stored on eMMC no longer working, this has been addressed and fixed.
  • Many other minor stability improvements
    General system stability improvements to enhance the user’s experience.

That's all for today. We are working hard to bring more innovative and exciting things to your Switch, stay tuned!

—< Team Xecuter - Pushing the limits of every Switch in 2020 and beyond ! >—