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Posted by Scene News on Jun 30, 2020

SX OS v3.0.3 Beta and SX Core/Lite Flasher Application Announcement

We are back with a minor (yet important!) update for SX OS, as well as an PC utility for updating your SX Core/Lite firmware over USB. The latter is required for people who ran tools that were not designed for their Switch console. One example is the popular `Choi Du Jour NX`, which people use to upgrade/downgrade their firmware. This tool was designed for classic erista/rcm consoles, and as such is dangerous to use on mariko consoles.


That said, lets have a look at the official changelog:

  • SX Core/Lite firmware v1.3
    SX Core/Lite users will be prompted to install a firmware update upon first launch of SX OS 3.0.3. This is a mandatory update that improves the stability of SX Core/Lite. It also adds hardening against accidental bricks that were caused by running tools designed for Erista/RCM consoles on. People who are unable to run SX OS v3.0.3 because they bricked their consoles are advised to run the standalone USB updater application.
  • New functionality added to SX Core menu
    The SX Core menu in the SX OS boot menu has been enriched with some new functionality for advanced users:

    • Cleanup:
      Will remove any trace of SX Core/Lite on your NAND.
    • Genuine Boot:
      Boot straight into original firmware without going through the typical SX OS bootchain. This is *different* from using the regular boot original firmware functionality, for example you won't be protected from getting your fuses burnt. Only use when you know what you are doing!
  • Minor stability improvements
    You know the drill! Under the hood we're always changing things, to increase both stability and performance of your beloved SX OS.

Both SX OS 3.0.3 as well as the `SX Flasher` application (Currently only for Windows, if there is enough demand we will consider releasing ports for OSX and Linux) are available in the downloads section on our website. Of course you can also use the over-the-air update functionality from within SX OS!

That's it for today. Stay tuned for more news!

—< Team Xecuter - Pushing the limits of every Switch in 2020 and beyond ! >—