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XEX Resource Extracting

From Mojobojo's Blog: So my goal was to get an application going for extracting assets from the XEX's for the 360. After a couple hours in front of the beloved Hex Editor and a while in my trusted C++ Compiler I got an application going to do just that. Remember that in order to use this you NEED to decrypt...
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X360 and Le Fluffie

DJ ShepHERD released a new version of X360 (an open-source app and library, extremely relevant for the way it handles all FatX drives and all SFTS packages) and Le Fluffie: What's new in X360?* STFS Package updates (fixes old block count error, new way to access files, sexier)* CRC32 class in...
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QuickBoot v1.1

FreeXeX released a new version of QuickBoot.What's new/fixed:* Added Support for making Games on Demand containers* Added Support for all 3 USB slots. When you specify "usb:" as the path it will now scan up to 3 usb drives looking for the file.* Added Debug logging, this will create a debug.log on the root...
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XBReboot v0.05 8955_3 for Jasper 256/512mb

A version of XBReboot with the latest patches which solves the freezing/lagging issues and removes the need to patch XEX files (media check etc) has now been released for Big Block (256/512mb) Jasper motherboards.. Check this news for more details about what's new in the _3 patches. XBReboot is an image you...
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Waves Patcher v1.2.5

A new updated version of 'Waves Patcher' has been released over at It now comes with multi-language support in English, French, German, Spanish and Italian. This tool allows you to patch your games with a different wave version, which can be useful for people with older firmwares that doesn't...
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