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Posted by Scene News on Nov 23, 2009

Team Jungle Tweets About The iXtreme LT Firmware

Team Jungle have been updating their Twitter Page regarding development of the forthcoming iXtreme LT firmware from C4E. Looks like they are having a great time with it, kinda reminds us of XB1 BIOS development in the old days 🙂

Here are some direct quotes – you can read the full posts on their Twitter Page – some interesting points, particularly regarding SplitVid.

  • Note: backups need to have SplitVid from now on to be safe for LT
  • LT is not only Lite Touch, lots of great new code making this version the most accurate fw eva! 🙂
  • new code looking good, lots of new code!
  • iXtreme LT for all drives, in dev/testing and going well. No ETA!