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Posted by Scene News on Jan 14, 2010

Xecuter CK3 Pro (Rev D)

The CK3 Pro has become the largest selling and most popular Xbox 360 connectivity kit in the world. Naturally we receive many thousands of emails giving feedback regarding likes, dislikes, feature requests, problems, and bugs.

After reviewing many scenarios and after much testing we have released the 4th version in the history of the CK3 Pro (since 2006) – the Xecuter CK3 Pro (Rev D).

CK3 Pro (Rev D)

CK3 Pro (Rev D) Upgrades:

  • Fully redesigned PCB to allow cleaner USB communication
  • Protection circuit to solve any RS232 / USB Overheating issues that some users had with certain PC configurations
  • Serial / USB Override Switch
  • Two color power cable to show correct way around (helps people who have Liteon drives and sometimes have the drive upside down and inadvertently connect the power cable the wrong way around. One row of cables is Green to show the correct way UP and one row is red.
  • Tested extensively with the latest version of Jungle Flasher & the Liteon LT Switch
  • New designed packaging for retailers

The new version is on sale and in stock now at

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