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Posted by Scene News on Oct 28, 2011

Xecuter CoolRunner – Now Shipping & Installation Images

Here are the final production images of the Xecuter CoolRunner.

Shipping has now begun to resellers and will be on sale at Only $19.99 from all TX resellers. get your orders in now ready for delivery next week !

We are also working hard on getting the Phat and Slim QSB's, the CK3 Pro/CK3i to NAND-X Update cable, NAND-X to CoolRunner USB JTAG Cable ready to ship in the next week also.

Kit includes pre cut and pre tinned wires sets for both the Phat and Slim models. These are all optimum lengths and gauges. We have also included a Genuine TX Product hologram sticker to attach to your case so you can show off that you have the real deal and not some cheap knock off

The Wires bundle to the left is for slim. Includes the 50CM extra length for the CPU_RST line. The bundle to the right is for the phat models.

Here are some install pics. They are not final and the colors are different to what will be shown in the final retail pack. We will show final versions with complete instructions next week.

Xecuter CoolRunner – Phat install with new version QSB for NAND-X/CoolRunner all in one

Xecuter CoolRunner – Slim install with new version QSB for NAND-X/CoolRunner all in one.

Note the longer wire on CPU_RST. The signal is 20ns wide and goes from 1.2v to 0.7v and the SMC holds it up real hard, probably some JTAG protection strategy by MS. This is why many different RGH mods have had trouble with the Slims. The wire included is cut to the length that we have found to be optimum after a LOT of testing. The benefit of having a nice expensive scope to work with