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Posted by Scene News on Aug 31, 2011

Xecuter CoolRunner: New Nand-X Addon for Reset Glitch Hack

Due to the new reset glitch hack announced this weekend by GliGli and Tiros, we are happy to announce a new add-on for the NAND-X Kit that is based on the Xilinx CoolRunner-II CPLD.

This simple addon has been designed to work out of the box with the Zephyr, Jasper and Trinity(Slim) motherboards – and can also be updated for any future code changes / motherboard revisions.

Simply connect the included Phat or Slim adapter to the Xecuter CoolRunner and away you go.

Easily dump your nand with the Xecuter NAND-X and then install the Xecuter CoolRunner to get instant access to homebrew and beyond !

Easy install for anyone who can solder. The Slim is 7 wires and the Phat is 6 wires.

Production has started so you should expect these to be in stores within the next couple of weeks. The price will be no more than $20 !

– Many thanks to GliGli, Tiros and Coz for their efforts in opening up a new chapter of homebrew for the scene.