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Posted by Scene News on Jun 19, 2012

Xecuter Fusion v1.0.8 Beta Released

Many many fixes since the last release of Fusion – thank you for the inpuit from the many beta testers. Several new features including much requested Xell support. Please report your experiences and any bugs / questions / suggestions to the Fusion Support Forums

Note that an iso is no longer required and you can simply copy the files to HDD or USB and install from there.

We have also compiled an updated PDF manual – Download Here

Thanks to J2G for this video:

v1.0.8 Changelog

  • Dashboard and dev-launcher can now be remapped to custom dashboards via firmware settings
  • Marketplace tab in guide has been changed to Fusion tab
  • BootOS is now built into fusion, allowing users to boot xell
  • Trainer launcher, firmware settings, BootOS and dev-launcher are now accessible via Fusion tab in guide
  • System files are updatable via stand alone updating utility
  • Pressing start at dev-launcher boots to custom dashboard if one is set
  • Fixed multiple issues with the bootdisk
  • Bootdisk can now be ran via usb stick
  • Recovery mode has been added via usb stick bootdisk
  • Fixed system extended packages on retail hard drives. All sysext files are now loaded from Firmware:SYSEXT
  • Fixed UAC issues on windows 7/vista
  • Fixed issues with Windows XP
  • New Faster Boot Anim