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Posted by Scene News on Apr 15, 2010

Xecuter LT CLIP, LT SWITCH 2, CK3-CP Update, NAND-X JTAG Update, CK3 Probe 2 Update

We have been extremely busy these past few weeks, so we figured we'd give you one big update to keep you up to speed with whats going on at the Xecuter factory.

1. Xecuter LT Clip

After a great deal of brainstorming we are pleased to finally announce the perfect solution for all Liteon DVD drives. Utilizing a completely innovative design we have been able to create a special clip that simply plugs onto the Liteon PCB with no wires, no solder and no conductive glue. Simply make your MRA hack trace cuts and connect the Xecuter LT Clip – that's it. We have even included a continuity tester into the circuit. Push a button and if its a Red LED = Bad Trace Cuts, a Green LED = Good Trace Cuts 🙂 The Xecuter Clip has been designed to work with both the new CK3 Probe 2 and also the new LT Switch 2. Available at the end of April.

2: LT Switch 2

The latest design in the best selling LT Switch series of products. The LT Switch v2 goes hand in hand with the LT Clip. Once the clip is installed you simply plug the LT Switch v2 into the the DVD drive via its own special DVD Power cable. Note: This does not replace the LT Switch v1.5, it operates the same as the current LT Switch v1.5 which includes the essential Multi-R feature for those difficult 93450 drives – it is designed specifically for the users who don't want to do any soldering or have to take any major risks with their DVD drive. It doesn't get any easier than this !

3. CK3-CP Update

The long awaited CK3-CP is in its final stages of development. Now includes complete Jungle Flasher integration with full LCD output and its own custom designed menus. Imagine just a couple of button presses would connect to the Liteon drive, auto eject to half tray, auto power cycle to vendor mode and then dump / write the firmware. The first completely functional unit to be designed for all your 360 DVD needs – and much much more. This is the crowning jewel in the CK3 line of products so expect many more updates in the next couple of weeks. For more information on the CK3-CP, it has its own forums here:

[local /wp-content/uploads/2010/04/jf_lcd.flv nolink]

4. NAND-X JTAG Update

We have been doing some further development with JTAG to improve the connections and stability on various different motherboard types and scenarios. After been given 37 different motherboards that all had issues of RROD or intermittent failures – we are pleased to tell you that after several revisions, additions and design changes to the JTAG kit (very different from the first pictures we showed you), each and every single one now works with no errors. We have put a lot of effort into making sure that any type of JTAG kit from us is commercial grade and tested as such, and not just a couple of pcb's with wires and diodes – that simply will not work on a universal scale.

We have put together a bunch of test kits for final analysis by several of the scenes best known JTAG'ers and they will put them through every scenario before they are given the GO for production. This is how its done when the product isn't rushed !

5. CK3 Probe 2 Update

After taking great care in its development, the new CK3 Probe 2 has been receiving rave reviews. thanks to the co-operation of the JF Team, it is the first and only product of its kind to offer Full Read and Write on all model Liteons (including the Winbond Chipset) without the need to solder in any rebuild PCB, the first and only one of its kind to have dual Probe v1 and MRA function all in one device, not to mention the essential Multi-R feature for stubborn 93450 DVD drives and a circuit protection system when in Probe v1 mode. For the bulk users who want a fast, all-in-one, reliable solution this is the only option for Liteon drives. You can either solder the MRA trace cuts or use conductive glue and have no soldering at all – its your choice.

The full review by Team Jungle can be seen here:

6. and finally…….XFRAG Update

We get asked a lot about this 🙂 Due to all the new projects the XFRAG got kinda put on the back burner. Apologies to those who have waited a long time for us to release. Just to let you know it was sent to our packaging partners for final retail design. Won't be long now lol :p